Mike Tindall explains why he lives off delivery food instead of family dinners

Mike Tindall eats delivery food instead of sharing his family's meals—here's why he dines differently than the residents of Gatcombe Park

Mike Tindall and Zara Tindall attend day 2 'Ladies Day' of the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse on March 16, 2022 in Cheltenham, England.
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Mike Tindall eats delivery food instead of chowing down on the same home cooked dishes as his wife and children. The family man's reason for this is totally relatable—different tastes!

The reason Mike Tindall eats delivery food instead of sharing his family's meals, he explained, is that his wife and roommate at Gatcombe Park no longer enjoy the same food as him.

According to Richard Eden at the Daily Mail, "In startlingly candid comments, the Yorkshireman says Princess Anne's daughter stopped cooking for him when she gave up eating red meat after the birth of their three children."

"My wife Zara's appetites have changed since having children,' he explained. "She's not into eating red meat anymore, so now I look after my own meals."

Although Mike Tindall candidly spoke about marriage difficulties in the past, it's crystal clear that he and Zara are one of the Royal Family's most loved-up couples. Health-conscious Mike says that there are more reasons than one for his choice to have food delivered.

The dad of three said, "I do this through a company that delivers most of my food, because then it's easy to keep track of my calorie intake."

Mike Tindall of Minchinhampton RFC and 2003 RWC Winner poses for a portrait at Minchinhampton Rugby Club on February 15, 2022 in Minchinhampton, England. The Back in the Game campaign encourages grassroots social players back onto the pitch at their local rugby clubs. Tindall, now aged 43 still plays for his local Minchinhampton club.

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Food delivery services like Jane Plan or Diet Chef are popular choices for people looking to stick to strict routines, minus the hassle of weighing out foods and counting calories. As well as this, it's ideal for those who don't really enjoy the process of making meals. Just like Mike, who says, "I'm not a massive fan of cooking. Zara can look in the fridge and plan what to eat—but that's not my skill-set."

Although he didn't state which company delivers his food, Mike has often discussed how important keeping on top of his health is. It's an innate habit for the former athlete, but life often gets in the way. Previously, Mike Tindall admitted the Queen's great-grandchildren make it harder to exercise.

"When it comes to food, I'm like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day—I'm all about routine," he added. One of the often touted factors that contribute to keeping fit is the concept of routine, from what you put into your body and what makes you sweat. After a successful career as a rugby player, these habits have stood to him.

"Back in my rugby days, most of my meals were provided. You'd get into the club at 7am and have breakfast. You'd have a midmorning snack, then lunch, then a post-training afternoon snack—so the only meal you'd have to worry about was dinner. That routine has stuck with me."

"I'm a four-meals-a-day person—so I have lunch bang on 12 noon, something at 3pm, then eat again in the evening." This strict time schedule doesn't match up with all of his family's mealtimes. "That's where the food delivery company comes in handy," he admitted.

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