Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby name choices have been revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are unlikely to stray too far from tradition, according to royal experts

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s pregnancy announcement stunned royal fans everywhere yesterday - and now the question on everyone’s tongue is, what will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex call their second child? 

While Harry and Meghan have not yet disclosed any more details on their pregnancy, the parenting experts at the Kiddies Kingdom have tickled genealogy buffs everywhere with their select list of potential names for the future royal baby. 

Choosing the right name for your child can be hard, but fortunately, Harry and Meghan have a long lineage of inspiration at their fingertips. 

If the couple is dead set on sticking to tradition, there’s plenty of popular options. Common royal baby names for boys include Albert, George, Charles, and Edward. If it’s a girl, the go-to names for British princesses are Victoria, Mary, Louise, and Alexandra. 

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However, considering Harry and Meghan haven’t exactly been a paradigm of royal convention since their 2018 nuptials, it’s possible that their second baby will be endowed with a more unusual name. While many members of the British monarchy have played it safe with longstanding names, deviation from tradition has become increasingly accepted in recent history. 

Quirky names that have engraved royal birth certificates throughout the last century include Rosemary, Inigo, and Hamilton. The noughties also saw a surge of exotic names, such as Lyla and Theo, as well Gaelic names like Kathleen. 

Despite these novel additions to the family’s ancestry, royal experts doubt that Harry and Meghan will give their baby a radically different name. It is more likely that the couple will defy tradition in a more discreet way, in an effort to respect their royal background whilst staying true to their own personal wishes. 

“Royals will always honor the generations before them, but as the royal family modernize over time, we will start to see more unique names appear. They’ll most likely be integrated in the middle as opposed to a leading name, to be subtle and not so shocking,” baby names expert Jennifer Moss explained. 

Some royal fans are also hoping that the baby will be called after Prince Harry’s late mother. ‘Diana’ is currently a front-running name for bookmakers, with one online betting site offering early 10-1 odds on the couple naming their baby, if a girl, after the beloved princess. 

One thing’s for sure though, whatever name Harry and Meghan choose for their second baby is almost certain to be borrowed by countless new parents across the country and the world. 

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