King Charles's late relative set to be at 'core' of coronation 'in spirit' - and it's not the Queen or Prince Philip

It has been suggested that King Charles' late relative is going to be at the center of the celebrations for the upcoming coronation

King Charles' late relative
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King Charles' coronation is set to take place on May 6, 2023, and it is rumored that the monarch will be paying tribute to his beloved late relative who is at the 'core' of the celebrations.

According to author and historian Gareth Russell, who wrote Do Let's Have Another Drink: The Dry Wit and Fizzy Life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (2022), the Queen Mother will be at the 'core' of the coronation celebrations for King Charles.

The author told Kinsey Schofield in his podcast To Di For Daily, "Whether we see conscious nods or not, we know Charles first learned about coronations from the Queen Mother, so I think her spirit will absolutely be there."

He then added that this is because Charles 'respects the legacy of his grandmother'. Gareth said, "Charles' stamina and accession really are great tributes to the Queen Mother and certainly, this is a man whose favorite homes include the Castle of Mey, his late grandmother’s home, who adores and really respects the legacy of his grandmother." He then added, "That will absolutely be at the core of his future reign and the coronation. I think the best of the Queen Mother’s spirit still lives at the heart of the monarchy."

The Queen Mother waves to well-wishers during the celebration of her 90th birthday

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The King's close relationship with his grandmother, the Queen Mother has been widely documented, and was most visible in the heartbreaking speech that he made in 2002, following her death.

In a television broadcast from his home at Highgrove House, he commented on how much he 'adored' her as he claimed she was a 'magical' grandmother. "She seemed gloriously unstoppable and ever since I was a child I adored her," said Charles. "She was quite simply the most magical grandmother you could possibly have and I was utterly devoted to her."

He then added, "Her departure has left an irreplaceable chasm in countless lives but, thank God, we are all the richer for the sheer joy and her presence and everything she stood for."

Prince Charles

Prince Charles with his Grandmother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Aunt, Princess Margaret, at the 1953 Coronation of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

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The King, who was at the time the Prince of Wales, said that she was an "original life enhancer" with an "utterly irresistible mischievousness of spirit." He then praised her sense of humor as he said, "Above all, she saw the funny side of life and we laughed until we cried - oh, how I shall miss her laugh and wonderful wisdom born of so much experience and an innate sensitivity to life."

While it is still unclear exactly how the Queen Mother will be featured in this ceremony, it is evident that as the woman who taught the King about coronations, his late grandmother will certainly be on his mind throughout the day.

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