King Charles takes part in sentimental ceremony that meant so much to Queen Elizabeth - and we have the pictures to prove it!

King Charles enjoyed a ceremony that the late Queen Elizabeth undertook for a final time earlier this year...

King Charles takes part in sentimental ceremony, here he and Queen Elizabeth are seen side-by-side at different events
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King Charles took part in a sentimental ceremony that meant so much to Queen Elizabeth for the first time since he ascended the throne. 

Since he ascended to the throne in September His Majesty has experienced many firsts, ranging from King Charles leading Remembrance Day to the decision to request Princess Anne and Prince Edward receive new roles as King Charles’ first major move. Now the King has also enjoyed a sentimental ceremony for the first time since becoming monarch during a special visit to St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. And it was one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s favorites! 

On November 23, King Charles took part in a cake-cutting ceremony in the Grade I Listed North Wing of St Bart's. The recent visit was held in honor of the success of Barts Heritage for their Sharing Historic Barts which aims to transform how historic spaces are used, to rescue and restore the buildings and conserve architecture and art collections.

King Charles III cuts a cake, during a visit to the Grade I listed North Wing of St Bartholomew's Hospital

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It will also open up the North Wing for public use and King Charles couldn’t have looked more impressed as he cut a cake to mark the hospital’s 900th birthday. Wrapped in a royal blue ribbon, His Majesty reportedly expressed concern that he might ruin what he described as a “magnificent creation”, before declaring, “It looks delicious”. 

His cake-cutting abilities were showcased to onlookers and this was King Charles’ first time doing so since he ascended to the throne in September 2022. Although as Prince of Wales he’d cut many a ceremonial cake, there’s nothing quite like an official cake-cutting to get fans excited and this sentimental ceremony was one that meant so much to Queen Elizabeth. 

Queen Elizabeth II cuts into a cake made by Nadiya Hussein

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Earlier this year the Queen cut into a spectacular cake at Sandringham House to mark the start of her Platinum Jubilee year. The Queen’s cake cutting saw her take a large knife to the immaculately decorated creation, exclaiming, “Oh yes, it fits in beautifully!”

Meanwhile, who could forget the iconic cake-cutting ceremony where the Queen delightedly took a sword to a cake at a reception held to celebrate the Big Lunch initiative?

Queen Elizabeth II considers cutting a cake with a sword, lent to her by The Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall

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Watched by Kate Middleton and the now-Queen Consort Camilla, the Queen was handed the sword by the Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall and wouldn’t hear of abandoning her unusual implement for a knife.

After being told that a knife was available if she wanted it, Her Majesty replied, “I know there is. This is more unusual!”

It seems that the Queen genuinely enjoyed cake cutting ceremonies and took pleasure in the small details of them as well as honoring the important causes they were baked in honor of.

Queen Elizabeth and King Charles cutting cakes at different events

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King Charles’ determined cake-cutting, plunging the knife into the centre of the cake mirrors his mother’s technique, and there is the same sense of avid concentration for this key moment clear in his face. This royal moment also makes 2022 the year that saw both the final cake-cutting ceremony conducted by Queen Elizabeth and the first by King Charles, adding extra sentiment to this occasion. 

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