Queen's cake cutting at Platinum Jubilee tea party stuns royal fans

The Queen has an unusual way of cutting cakes

Queen's cake cutting at Platinum Jubilee tea party stuns royal fans
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The Queen has amused royal fans at her Platinum Jubilee tea party on Saturday evening, after cutting the reception's cake in a rather unorthodox fashion. 

  • The Queen began her Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Saturday evening with a small gathering at Sandringham House, featuring freshly brewed tea, baked goods, and of course, an iconic occasion cake. 
  • Her Majesty's cake cutting has quickly become the most talked-about scene from the reception, as royal fans share their honest reactions to the hilarious moment online.
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Her Majesty's cake-cutting skills have received surprising attention this weekend, as royal fans share their thoughts on the iconic moment online. 

The Queen began her Platinum Jubilee celebrations with a party at Sandringham House on Saturday evening, one day before the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the throne and the death of her father, King George VI. 

The event saw the 95-year-old monarch joined by members of the local community for a special reception of English tea and baked treats as she prepared to ring in the historic milestone. 

Despite her recent health concerns, Her Majesty was reportedly "in sparkling form" as she mingled with attendees—most of whom were charity representatives or pensioners of the Norfolk estate. Members of Sandringham's Women's Institute, of which the Queen is President, were also present at the gathering. 


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After welcoming her privileged guests, Her Majesty was presented with a homemade, iced cake bearing the official Platinum Jubilee 2022 logo. She was quickly informed by a royal aide that the gateau was positioned 'upside down' to ensure its lettering was readable to the press. This awkward moment led to a hilarious quip from the Queen, who was able to find the funny side in the wonky angle. 

 ”Oh, they can see it!" she exclaimed with an amused smile. ”I don’t matter!” 

She proceeded to lift a nearby large knife, which she inserted forcibly into the center of the cake. "Oh yes, it fits in beautifully!" she remarked, sawing through the icing before abandoning the cutlery mid-slice. "Somebody else can finish it off, do the rest of it." 

The Head of State also received a posy containing the same flowers from her 1953 Coronation bouquet.


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It didn't take long for royal fans to react to the Queen's meme-worthy cake cutting, with many complimenting her comedic nature during the formal affair. 

"Wit and humor as she cuts the cake, she is just wonderful," one impressed viewer wrote. 

Others couldn't help but notice Her Majesty's unique cake-cutting technique, which failed to result in a successful slice. Despite initially piercing the frosting with vigor, the royal matriarch was either unable or unwilling to carve through the entire sponge. 

"I love how she holds the knife like a serial killer, stabs the cake, then just leaves it and goes 'some else can finish it'," one person wrote on Youtube. 

"Queen: murders cake. Also the Queen: Oh it goes in beautifully," another fan remarked. 

The Queen, who will mark her largest Platinum Jubilee celebrations with an extended bank holiday weekend in June, spent Sunday at Sandringham in solemn reflection as she remembered the legacy of her beloved father. 

King George VI died in 1952 from lung cancer, leaving his eldest daughter Elizabeth to take over his role as monarch at the age of 25. It's understood that Her Majesty left Sandringham on Monday, 7 February, to return to Windsor Castle

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