King Charles has been praised for an inclusive move to happen the day before his Coronation: 'quite a gesture'

King Charles has been praised for factoring in the needs of his chief rabbi the day before his coronation

King Charles has been praised for his inclusive gesture
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You’d expect many would forgive King Charles for being a touch self-centered when it comes to the coronation. After all, it’s arguably the biggest moment of his life – and a moment for the history books. However, even with this hugely significant event, Charles and his team have been praised for taking into consideration the religious needs of others involved in the big day – such as his Chief Rabbi who will be observing Shabbat.

A sleepover the night before being crowned King of England might seem unwise, but Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will welcome Britain’s chief rabbi and his wife, Ephraim and Valerie Mirvis, on Friday, May 5.

The coronation is, of course, taking place on the Saturday.

So why the strangely timed visit? Well, the reason is indicative of Charles’ consideration for cultures and customs different to his own.

King Charles has made the kind gesture to Britain's rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis

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Because of Shabbat – which stipulates certain things like no work to be done on – the chief rabbi and his wife would have had conflicts observing their faith and making it to the coronation.

This is because, as well as no work meant to take place, things such as cooking and driving are prohibited.

The Mirvis’ wouldn’t have been able to travel via car or use other modes of transportation to get to the coronation in time.

Therefore, they’ll have the distinct honor of staying with the King and Queen Consort at Clarence House on Friday evening. They will then walk from Clarence House to Westminster Abbey for the coronation, it’s being reported in the Telegraph.

Rabbi Mirvis will now spend the evening with the King and Queen Consort ahead of the coronation

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This isn’t the first time Charles has shown consideration for other people’s religious needs.

He previously rescheduled a meeting with world leaders so the chief rabbi could attend. At the time, a source told the Jewish Chronicle, "Of all the things the royal staff have to consider, with the crazy schedule the King has at the moment, to move things around out of respect for the Chief Rabbi and Shabbat is quite a gesture.”

“It wasn’t like the Chief Rabbi’s office told them Shabbat would be an issue. The Palace took the initiative and phoned up and said, don’t worry about it, we have realized it will clash with Shabbat so we will move it for you. It was absolutely wonderful of them and characteristic of the King."

Rabbi Mirvis later told the BBC in the UK, "This showed his deep concern for other faiths, his respect for other faiths. It’s great—he’s now the head of the church but at the same time, he’s the champion of other faiths.”

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