King Charles' awkward comment as he meets UK Prime Minister

King Charles' awkward comment has confused royal fans as the monarch made a strange comment to Liz Truss during their first meeting

King Charles' awkward comment
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King Charles' awkward comment to King Charles has delighted and confused royal fans who struggled to understand the comment made by the monarch.

King Charles met with Liz Truss at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. The pairs greeting was caught on camera and fans were surprised to hear the monarch mutter 'dear oh dear'.

The Prime Minister stepped forward to shake hands with the King and dropped into a curtsy as she said, "Your Majesty, great to see you again." Charles then responded, "Back again?" To which Liz replied, "Well, it's a great pleasure." The King then muttered, "Dear, oh dear. Anyway, now..." Charles then began talking about other things as they began their meeting.

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The pair both attended the Queen's funeral, and only days before Her Majesty's death, Liz Truss was the last Prime Minister to be appointed by the former monarch. However, fans were confused by the King's comments to the PM, particularly, 'dear oh dear.' Some decided that the comment was an indicator that the King was not fond of the relatively new PM.

"Whatever he meant by it, King Charles spoke for the country when he greeted Liz Truss. ‘Dear, oh dear’ just about sums things up," said Political Commentator Matthew Stadlen on Twitter.

"Got to love King Charles subtly trolling Truss with his comment "Dear oh dear," said another. "We need more honesty in public life well done King Charles," said yet another.

Others suggested that the comments from the King were disrespectful to the new PM. However, it's more likely that the King's comments were a reflection of the sad circumstances that have brought them together - the Queen's death. This meeting marked the first of many meetings that the King will have with Liz Truss and many other Prime Ministers as the monarch.

Other fans were quick to notice that the Prime Minister had not quite nailed the curtsy while greeting the King. "Why is she standing like that? She needs some lessons to do a curtsy," said one commenter.

"That curtesy..need to practice more Lizzy," said another. "Someone give the woman some lessons on how to curtsy 😂😂," added a third

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