Kate Middleton's workout routine is shrouded in mystery - but these hobbies help keep her in shape

The Princess of Wales delights in quite a handful of activities to get her exercise in

Kate Middleton took on Roger Federer in a friendly tennis match
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It's no secret Kate Middleton loves her workouts - it's evident in her athletic physique but we've never gotten to the bottom of her actual workout regimen. 

As a member of the royal family and the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton has many responsibilities - from attending royal engagements to taking care of her three kids, the Princess definitely has her hands full. This begs the question - how does she stay in shape with so little time to herself?

As it turns out, Kate has a variety of hobbies that she pursues that keep her in shape when she's not attending to her royal duties, including tennis, rugby, and other physical activities that inevitably help her keep up with her fitness. 


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Carolyn Harris, a Royal Historian and Royal expert explained exclusively to woman&home how these interests may be of use to the future Queen consort not only from a fitness perspective but also why these specific hobbies may be making her more likable to the public as she prepares for Queenship.

One of the hobbies that Kate has been publicly doing for years is tennis - a sport she clearly really loves. In fact, Kate and eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer recently had a tennis match while getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the ball girl and boy selection process for the upcoming tournament next month.

The Princess doesn't just indulge in the activity with Roger Federer though - she's been playing tennis for years, keeping it part of her life both by watching the sport with her fellow Wimbledon enthusiast, Carole Middleton, and by playing matches herself.

Catherine, Princess of Wales visits field study health visitors at Riversley Park Children's Centre on June 15, 2023 in Nuneaton, England.

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The Princess also has been publicly very interested in rugby. Fans learned of her rugby talents when she replaced Prince Harry as the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League patron, unveiling her hidden rugby talent in a video.

Carolyn Harris commented, "It's one of those moments that are making her more relatable as she's joining into these kinds of events."

Aside from rugby and tennis, the future Queen consort has also shared her love for sailing, even passing the hobby down to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

"There have been a number of cases around Europe with members of royal families being part of the sailing team, lead members of the Spanish royal family were involved in the Olympics," continued Carolyn as she added, "it's another long-standing interest that's shared by many members of royal families across Europe."


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Another hobby she has that isn't necessarily athletic in practice but still helps keep the Princess in shape is gardening. Prince William and Kate Middleton love this household hobby, even though the Prince admits that his wife is more green-thumbed than he is. "My wife does all the gardening. I really like it, but I have no idea what I'm doing," Prince William told People in 2021. 

Even though we don't know Kate's precise exercise routine it's easy to replicate some of the ways she stays in shape, at home. Gardening, for example, as well as being great for reducing stress, burns up to 300 calories an hour - see you at the allotment!    

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