Kate Middleton reveals 'nerves and anticipation' ahead of coronation

Kate Middleton reveals 'nerves and anticipation' ahead of the coronation as she chats to royal fans

Kate Middleton reveals 'nerves and anticipation'
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At a recent royal engagement, the Princess of Wales revealed the 'nerves and anticipation' that are being felt inside the royal households ahead of the coronation celebrations. 

On Thursday, Catherine and William visited a pub in Soho and took a trip on the Elizabeth Line to thank London workers ahead of the busy coronation weekend in London. During the engagement, Kate Middleton's poppy red coat stole the show as the royal wore this stunning layer while she chatted to royal fans who had gathered to greet the royal couple.

Princess Catherine

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While chatting with royal fans, the Princess was asked about the coronation preparations and how she was feeling. One fan asked, "Are the kids excited for the weekend?"

The Princess answered candidly that while they are excited, they are also experiencing a bit of nervousness. "They are looking forward to it, it's a mix of sort of nerves and anticipation and excitement going on at the moment," said Catherine.

The fan then asked, "Will they all behave do you think?" Catherine laughed as she answered, "Yeah, I hope so! You never quite know with kids!"

The Princess then spoke about the weather and speculated that it might be a bit rainy - but there is a silver lining to that, as it's almost patriotic! "And good weather, I think it might be a bit wet but it's typically British if it is!" she joked.


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The Prince and Princess of Wales also stepped into a pub and pulled some pints as part of their visit to Soho. While chatting to staff, Catherine perhaps more revealingly, admitted that there is some stress about the organization of the event.

"Yes, it's going to be a busy time. We're getting there. I still feel like we're trying to get ducks in a row," she said.

For the Princess who typically remains rather tight-lipped about anything to do with the Royal Family or royal celebrations, this was somewhat revealing. It is speculated that the Princess herself may be feeling some personal anxiety ahead of the coronation as she is set to face Prince Harry for the first time since the release of his autobiography Spare.

However, it has been suggested that Kate Middleton doesn't 'feel the need' to chat to Prince Harry this weekend after he said so much about her in Spare, and may plan on giving him a wide berth at the celebrations.

This may also apply to other members of the Royal Family too as The Express reported that True Royalty founder Nick Bullen said, "After Harry said so much about Kate in Spare, and about Camilla, the extended family – his stepmother, his sister-in-law – none of them really feel the need to follow up with a conversation."

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