How the Queen's less 'high-profile great-grandchildren' will be involved in Jubilee celebrations

The Queen's less 'high-profile great-grandchildren' will still be involved in the Platinum Jubilee festivities this weekend

Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 celebrations are drawing closer, Her Majesty is seen here during her visit to Paddington Station in London on May 17, 2022
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The Queen's less 'high-profile great-grandchildren' are still set to be included in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations despite the Royal Family confirming earlier this year that only working royals will be attending official events.

The Queen's eight grandchildren are not all working royals, and while some such as Prince William will one day become King, others such as Princess Anne's children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, do not even have titles.

This also extends to the twelve of the Queen's great-grandchildren. Royals such as Princess Charlotte, who is reportedly the Queen's favorite great-grandchild, and Prince George, have a more important role than the other great-grandchilden because of their position in the royal line of succession.

Despite this, a royal expert has revealed that all of the Queen's great-grandchildren will be celebrating with the Queen this weekend in one capacity or another.

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Royal commentator Rhiannon Mills told Express, "This is a big occasion for the Queen and we are celebrating what is a completely unique situation."

The expert added that many of the celebrations will focus on the Royal Family as a whole. "She is the first British monarch to reach 70 years on the throne, but as well as the ‘official’ celebrations, I think there are always going to be moments that are very much about the family," said Rhiannon.

The expert then revealed that members of the Royal Family who have not been confirmed for the Trooping of the Colour may appear. "While she’s said that the big balcony moment is going to be for working royals (so immediately that’s a trimmed-down gathering of family members), for things like the service at St Paul’s, which is a thanksgiving service for the Queen, I think that we can likely anticipate seeing more members of the family there," said the expert.

"You’ve also got the big, exciting occasions - things like the concert in front of Buckingham Palace and also the pageant that is going to weave its way through London - which is probably more of a family occasion anyway," said the expert.

She added that it was even likely that Princess Anne's grandchildren will be in attendance. "For those [events], I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the likes of the Tindalls’ and Peter Phillips’ children there, because I think the Queen obviously feels about them the same way she feels about the more high-profile great-grandchildren."

This means that although royals such as Mia, Lena, and Lucas Tindall, plus Savannah and Isla Phillips, may not be high in the royal line of succession, their official role in the Royal Family is less important to the Queen and Her Majesty would like her family members to join her to celebrate her 70-year-reign, regardless of whether they are working for the firm or not.

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