Fans concerned as Kate Middleton ditches engagement ring - 'is there something amiss?'

Kate Middleton ditched her engagement ring for her appearance at the Commonwealth Games with Prince William and Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton ditched her engagement ring
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Kate Middleton ditched her engagement ring and opted to wear her Welsh gold wedding band only when she joined her husband and daughter at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Kate Middleton radiated sophistication in a pristine white suit on Tuesday, August 2, at the Commonwealth Games. The Duchess was joined by the Duke of Cambridge and her only daughter. At this engagement, Princess Charlotte's cheeky faces stole the show and fans loved seeing this young royal enjoying herself during an official engagement. Kate Middleton and Prince William were dubbed ‘generous’ by fans for being so ‘inclusive’ with their children at major events and inviting Charlotte to join them.

While many were focused on Princess Charlotte, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot that Catherine was not wearing her famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring that she rarely removes.

"How come the Duchess of Cambridge isn't wearing her engagement ring?" said one royal fan on Twitter. "We have never seen Duchess without her engagement ring, is there something amiss?" questioned another fan on social media.

However, there is a key reason that could explain why Kate Middleton ditched her engagement ring for this event. When the Duchess of Cambridge attended a sailing event on Sunday, July 31, 2022, she removed her engagement ring so that she could get involved with this active sporting event. 

For this sailing event, she removed her large sapphire engagement that was once part of Princess Diana's jewelry collection. She also removed her white gold and diamond eternity ring that she wears on the same finger and opted to just wear her gold wedding band.

Catherine has also previously removed the engagement ring when she has visited hospitals to minimise the effect of contamination and the spread of bacteria. 

Kate Middleton

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It is very likely that the Duchess of Cambridge removed the ring and left it somewhere safe because she anticipated getting involved in some of the sportier activities during the Commonwealth Games.

Some have also speculated that the Duchess may be getting it cleaned, but this is a less likely reason as the ring seems to be constantly kept in a pristine condition for the Duchess to wear.

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