Duchess Camilla’s surprising health tip on Jubilee EastEnders episode gets stamp of approval from Walford residents

A preview has shown Duchess Camilla sharing the unlikely advice with Patrick Trueman during her visit to Albert Square with Prince Charles

Camilla’s surprising health tip on Jubilee EastEnders gets Walford's approval
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Duchess Camilla shared an unlikely health tip during her Jubilee visit to EastEnders' Albert Square with Prince Charles and it looks like it went down pretty well with the Walford residents. 

The Duchess of Cornwall has offered a surprising tip for living a long and healthy life  drink a drop of rum every day. 

The 74-year-old shared the unconventional advice during her appearance on an EastEnders episode for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, shortly before agreeing to taste the strong alcohol herself.

In a new preview of the historic BBC broadcast, the royal couple plays themselves as they meet locals of a fictional street party in honor of Her Majesty's 70 years of service. The episode will air on Thursday, June 2, joining a whole host of other shows that will pay tribute to the Platinum Jubilee on TV

After being introduced to longtime Walford resident Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker), Camilla makes a quick comment about the "nice little bottle" of rum resting in the Trinidadian shopkeeper's hands. 

It's at this point that the 82-year-old actor explains to her that the liquor comes 'specially' from his native country, before reciting the familiar proverb, 'A drop a day keeps the doctor away.' Recognizing his words almost immediately, Camilla joins in and the pair finish off the saying in unison. 

"I've tried that in Trinidad," the Duchess then reveals, before adding, "It's pretty good." 

"And you're still standing, Mam?" Patrick quips in response, prompting a ripple of laughter to emerge from the watching crowds. He then offers Camilla a sip of the liquor, which she politely accepts. 

In another part of the clip, an excited Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) can be seen escorting Prince Charles through the iconic square. Martin Fowler (James Bye) gives a friendly nod to the future King, telling him, "If you want to take any with you, for the journey," in reference to the flower pots and plants on display in celebration of the Jubilee. The market trader then heads over to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), exclaiming, "How amazing was that?" 


Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla visiting the Eastenders set in March 2022

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Sharon, seemingly reluctant to approach Charles and Camilla, wonders aloud if she could request a favor from them. "Well, it takes a princess to ask a duchess," Martin cheekily responds. 

Charles and Camilla's scenes on EastEnders were initially filmed in March when the royal couple visited the long-running soap opera's new set at Elstree. Their inclusion in the plot was likely a dream come through for Prince Charles, who had spent much of his university days at Cambridge playing various characters on stage.

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