Duchess Camilla and the Queen's shared passion has fans wondering if a new addition is on the way

Duchess Camilla and the Queen's shared passion has fans speculating that there may be a new addition to a certain royal household

Duchess Camilla and the Queen's shared passion
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Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall recently attended a royal engagement at a branch of Battersea Dog's Home, a charity organization of which the Duchess is patron.

Her Majesty loves her corgis and reportedly, Queen's beloved dogs have been a major support to her following Prince Philip's death. Duchess Camilla also shares a love of dogs and is in fact Patron of the Battersea Dog's Home.

Recently, the Duchess attended a royal engagement as part of her role as Patron. Clarence House has posted an image of the Duchess at the center with a caption that said the Duchess spent time "touring Battersea's Brand Hatch Centre, which provides a calmer environment for the cats and dogs struggling to cope in London."

Despite swearing off adopting any more pets, Her Majesty recently adopted a new cocker spaniel named Lissy and is now the owner of four dogs.

Fans have speculated that the Duchess may follow the Queen's lead and some have suggested that she may have been tempted to adopt one of the lovely pups at the center. "What a lovely day! I wonder if HRH was tempted by any more rescue dogs?!! 🐕❤️" said one royal fan.

The Duchess currently has two rescue dogs from Battersea dogs home called Beth and Bluebell. But as the Duchess loved spending time with some young puppies and kittens at the center, a new addition to the royal household could be imminent. 

Duchess Camilla

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The Duchess of Cornwall brought her rescue dog, Beth, with her to the engagement at the dog center in Kent. The Duchess and her pet mingled with staff and even participated in a few games with chat show host Paul O'Grady and his dog named Sausage.

Beth and Sausage competed against one another in a game called 'Temptation Alley,' where the dogs attempt to ignore the treats on either side of them and run straight to their owner.

"What could possibly go wrong?" joked Camilla, as her dog eventually won the challenge and she was awarded a little trophy. Camilla then confessed that Beth still has a couple of behavioral issues as she said, "She's pretty good with people, just less good with other dogs."

Duchess Camilla

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Following her visit, Paul O'Grady said about the Duchess, "I just love her. She's great. What I think is wonderful is that she had got two dogs from here too. She puts her money where her mouth is. She's a fantastic ambassador for the charity. If Sausage and I were going to lose to anyone it might as well be her!"

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