The Duchess of Cornwall offers royal fans a glimpse at her stylish study during an interview with Edna O’Brien

And see if you can spy the hidden earwigger!

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall
(Image credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cornwall has given fans a sneak peek inside Clarence House, the London home she shares with Prince Charles 

The Duchess recently shared some exciting news that she was relaunching her book club.

• In a post for the second season of her book club, the Duchess has given fans a peek into her home at Clarence House.

• In other royal news, Prince Philip’s cause of death has been announced almost a month after he passed away.

In an Instagram post on @duchessofcornwallsreadingroom (opens in new tab), the Duchess of Cornwall promoted her interview with author Edna O'Brien. In this post the Duchess of Cornwall also gave fans a sneak peek into the Morning Room at Clarence House. The photo showed the Duchess and the author sitting across from one another in the study as they appeared to be in deep conversation.

Referencing the Duchess’ interior decor, the caption read, “Is it our imagination? Or is the elephant earwigging? A moment from when The Duchess met Edna O'Brien... and a hint of things to come over the next couple of weeks.”

The elephant referenced in the caption is an ornate golden elephant that sits atop a dark wooden cabinet in the corner of the room. Next to the elephant is a bright azure jug with golden handles and a golden stand. 

On the desk behind the Duchess and the author are a selection of Camilla’s personal family photos. In a large frame is a photo of Prince Charles and Camilla on their wedding day in 2005. There also appears to be another photo of Camilla and Charles on her desk. This photo is more relaxed and the couple are smiling and cuddling one another.

The Duchess of Cornwall appears to have a penchant for elephants as on top of her desk is another elephant ornament. The small ornament seems to be silver and features three small elephants walking in a line. 

However, the most striking thing about this room is the overwhelming number of teal coloured items. The Duchess has decorated her Morning Room with matching chairs, carpets, rugs, and curtains all in slightly varying shades of teal. Even the post on Instagram has a border that highlights the teal features of the room.

Fans appreciated this sneak peek into the Duchess of Cornwall’s study and many are very excited about this upcoming reading project. One fan commented on social media, “Awesome project, thank you, Your Royal Highness!” Another said, “Excited for this! Enjoying every bit of the Reading Room Journey so far!”

The reading room project is described on the Instagram page as an opportunity for fans to “discover new books each season & meet the extraordinary people who create them.”

Fans can join this book club by following the Instagram account @duchessofcornwallsreadingroom and reading the books recommended by the Duchess. Followers will also have access to exclusive interviews with the authors through the IGTV section of the account.

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