A broody Kate Middleton has royal fans joking about another baby tipping Prince William over the edge, ‘especially if it’s another Louis’

Kate Middleton gushed about loving babies as a noticeably nervous William watched on, much to the delight of fans

A broody Kate Middleton had William looking nervous at Newmarket
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A broody Kate Middleton comforted a baby girl during a royal engagement at Newmarket Racecourse. Accompanied by her husband, Prince William, fans have good-naturedly teased the future King about the moment, pointing out how nervous he looked at the broody Catherine.

Even after Prince Louis’ best Jubilee moments that truly stole the show, it seems that Kate Middleton could be contemplating adding another royal baby to her brood.

During their final appointment at the County Day, at Newmarket Racecourse, Kate was seen beaming as she affectionately cradled the young baby, who was wearing a pink dress.

The Daily Mail reports that the baby's mother, Marianne Provoost, had traveled from the Netherlands for the event, and she said the duchess had asked to hold her child by saying, “I love babies.”

Kate’s maternal instincts might have wooed fans, but many also got a kick out of Prince William’s reaction.

The Duke of Cambridge looked a tad nervous as Kate cooed over the baby, and he gently tapped her on the shoulder indicating it was time to go.

But Kate was in no hurry to give back the baby, and it’s not the first time the Duchess has talked about wanting more.

During her visit to Copenhagen's Children's Museum earlier this year, Kate admitted she felt “broody” after meeting with two eight-month-old baby boys and their parents.

Kate Middleton has previously spoke about her love of babies, making some fans wonder if she'd have a fourth

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Fans online loved the humanizing moment, pointing out that William was showing the look that many fathers have had before when it was clear their partners were getting baby fever again.

William and Catherine share three children together, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.  

William once said about the arrival of their youngest child, Louis, “Our third child is due in April, I'm getting as much sleep as I can ... Two is fine . I don't know how I'm going to cope with three. I'm going to be permanently tired.”

William and Kate share three children together, George, Charlotte and Louis

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He was most likely wondering what having four children would feel like.

Fans online joked about the moment, alluding to William’s past comments and how much energy Louis had at the Jubilee.

One wrote, “Catherine loves babies. It’s making William a little nervous. He’s nervous with 3. Another one might tip him over the edge.”

Another replied to this comment with laughing emojis saying, “especially it’s another Louis.”

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