Prince Charles and Prince Harry's rift is irreconcilable, according to a body language expert

A body language expert has revealed the dire relationship between Prince Charles and Prince Harry following Oprah interview

Prince Charles and Prince Harry
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A body language expert has revealed the hidden messages from Prince Harry during his Oprah interview. The expert believes that the relationship between the Prince and his father could be in a dire situation.

• Body language expert Judi James has revealed what the Prince’s body language during that Oprah interview means
• The expert claims that the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince Charles might be irreconcilable 
• This comes after Royal News that Meghan and Harry could lose their royal titles after sensational Oprah interview

Body language expert, Judi James, has analyzed Prince Harry's body language during his Oprah interview. The expert reveals that Prince Harry’s relationship with his father, the Prince of Wales, might be in a worse condition than the public think. 

The expert revealed that Harry is disappointed by his father's actions in recent months. “Harry did seem to signal that he, like Meghan, had ‘come out the other side’ of what he referred to a significant number of times as ‘being trapped’ inside the Firm," said Judi. 

She continued to reveal, "When he spoke about his disappointment with some of his family, he did look and sound confused, especially with his father.”

Judi also revealed that Harry’s long-term issues are not with his brother Prince William. She states, “Harry’s words and his gestures implied his current rift is more with his father Charles than his brother."

She reveals that Harry's body language hints at hope for his relationship with his brother. "He did smile when William’s name came up, and although he performed a gesture like hitting cymbals together then pulling them apart to suggest friction leading to a split, his instant reaction suggested a reconciliation might still be on the cards,” she said.

Prince Harry with Charles and William

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The expert continued.“With Charles, though, the long silent pause probably spoke loudly enough. There was a rapid blinking, some thigh-rubbing, his head shook from side to side, and he looked close to tears as he sucked his lips in with a gesture of regret.” 

It seems that Prince Harry’s body language indicates that his relationship with the Prince of Wales is in a strained position. However, Judi also revealed that Prince Harry still has a lot of respect for his other family members.

She states, “Harry did look wary of some of the royal pitfalls and was careful to describe a loving, respectful relationship with the Queen but his huge, emphatic hand gestures and some moments of open ‘confiding,’ like announcing the sex of their new baby, did suggest a strong desire to speak and to be heard now that he had found what he considered to be his freedom from the ‘trap’ the rest of his family are still in.”

It seems that although Harry’s relationship with Prince William and Prince Charles may be in a difficult situation, he still has the utmost respect for his family.

Judi seems hopeful that Prince Harry may have the opportunity to reconcile with his brother William. Still, he may have a more challenging time when it comes to repairing his relationship with his father, Prince Charles. 

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