These Yankee Candles are on sale to make your home smell amazing in time for Autumn - with one reduced from £23 to £17

We've got our eye on Sweet Honeycomb...

Yankee Candle sale
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There's nothing quite like lighting one of your best candles (opens in new tab) at the end of the day to relax and unwind. And now that the Yankee Candle sale (opens in new tab) is here with great savings on small and large jar candles, we just might have to add a few more to our collection.

The Yankee Candle sale has arrived just in time to have your house smelling amazing for Autumn. With some brilliant savings across small and large glass candles, wax melts and votive candles, you'll be spoilt for choice in the Yankee Candle sale.

We don't know about you, but the wetter weather and shorter days make us want to be nowhere else but in front of the fire with a great book (opens in new tab) and a mug of tea. And nothing gets us quite as excited for the falling of the leaves than a rich, Autumnal candle.

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Which is why we're delighted that Yankee Candle are selling the much-loved Sweet Honeycomb small jar candle for just £6.29, down from £8.99. With 20-30 hours of burn time, this gorgeous candle has a naturally sweet fragrance with warm caramel, sandalwood and vanilla notes.

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The brand are also selling a delightful sounding Fig & Clove candle, which is also on offer for a brilliant price.

The large, 2-wick version of this candle is on sale for £17.99, reduced from £23.99 - a fantastic saving for a candle as prestigious as Yankee Candle.

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There are also some great large jar candles in the Yankee sale, including the fresh Lime & Coriander candle from the Garden Hideaway collection. With an incredible 110 to 150 hours burn time and a scent of sweet juicy lime and freshly-picked coriander, this is the perfect candle to have on hand in your kitchen to get rid of lingering cooking smells.

Or if you're hard pressed to choose just one scent, the gorgeous set of 4 Votive Candles (opens in new tab) is the perfect solution. (And would also make a great gift). With scents includingSunny Daydream, Afternoon Escape, Homemade Herb Lemonade and Camellia Blossom, this one's a gardener's dream.

What's your Yankee Candle scent of choice?

The best candles to snap up in the Yankee Candle sale:

Lime & Coriander Large Jar Candle – was £23.99, now £16.79

Lime & Coriander Large Jar Candle – was £23.99, now £16.79

Garden Picnic Large Jar Candle – was £23.99, now £16.79

Garden Picnic Large Jar Candle – was £23.99, now £16.79

Sweet Bunny Treats Large Jar Candle – was £23.99, now £16.79

Sweet Bunny Treats Large Jar Candle – was £23.99, now £16.79

Roseberry Sorbet Small Jar Candle – was £8.99, now £6.29

Roseberry Sorbet Small Jar Candle – was £8.99, now £6.29

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