Amazon are selling a windproof umbrella – and it's a best-seller with hundreds of 5* reviews

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The British weather can be unpredictable, and we’ve all been in that dreaded situation where the wind causes our umbrellas to blow inside out. Not only is it embarrassing, it’s also very inconvenient.

And with the current UK weather blowing between sun and rain every day it seems - we've likely all been in need of a good brolly - despite it being August!

But thankfully there’s a solution to this problem, as Amazon are selling a Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella for just £14.95.

The umbrellas are made by a company called Newdora, who have described their product as a “super wind-resistant” and “solid”, making them perfect for windy and blustery days out.

In order to make a windproof umbrella, Newdora says: “Standard umbrellas break easily under wind pressure due to their structure and rigid bundles.

“The flexible structure of the Newdora umbrellas, made of fiberglass and high quality stainless steel, will not break under the effect of strong winds.”

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Windproof umbrella

It seems the umbrella really does do it's job too, as it's listed as a 1# best-seller on Amazon!

And if that’s not enough to convince you, it currently has over 600 five star reviews from customers.

One shopper wrote: “Way too often I have come across umbrellas that are cheap and flimsy or expensive and overly complicated. Happy to report that this one is none of the above.”

Another praised the size, writing: “Very strong umbrella, very good against windy and rainy conditions. Also it is quite big and it is easily enough space for two people underneath it.”

In terms of portability, one shopper confirmed it was a handbag essential: “This is a really heavy duty umbrella. It didn’t blow backwards in strong winds and because of the care it comes in you can put it in your handbag without it getting wet.”

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Windproof umbrella

The umbrellas are available in six different colours: black, dark blue, ‘galaxy’, ‘sky & clouds’, wine red and yellow. So whether you want something simple or fancy making a statement, there’s a design to suit you.

Newdora also say the umbrella is “portable and lightweight” so ideal for popping in your handbag when you’re on the go. Despite this, it has a large diameter of 105cm to protect you from the elements.

You can buy it HERE.

Especially now that autumn is upon us, it might be worth getting your hands on this windproof umbrella to ensure you're always prepared wherever you go.

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