Why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone and why could season 5 part 2 be the most dangerous yet for the Dutton siblings?

You might well be wondering who does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone as the siblings' rivalry reached extraordinary levels in the latest season

Why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone? The siblings' relationship explained
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If you’re wondering why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone you’re probably not alone as things have escalated dangerously between the siblings over recent seasons.

Anyone eager for a Yellowstone season 5 recap might not know exactly how dyer the situation was between Beth and Jamie by the end of part 1. But one thing’s for sure - it’s all-out war between the Dutton siblings now after building up their intense rivalry for so long. Now the show’s on hiatus fans are left to wonder what lies in store for Beth, Jamie and their family going forwards. As Yellowstone isn’t based on a true story, there’s no way to tell for sure but looking at past grievances it’s unlikely things are going to be forgiven between Beth and Jamie. 

But why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone, what happened to them in the mid-season finale and what can we expect going forwards? We reveal what you need to know…

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

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Watch Yellowstone Season 1-5 on Amazon 

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Why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone? 

Plenty of the most gripping dramas feature some degree of sibling rivalry and over the course of it’s five seasons there’s been quite the Succession-style division growing between Beth and her adopted brother Jamie in Yellowstone. The Dutton siblings want to have a say over what happens at the family’s Yellowstone ranch but ithe reason Beth despises Jamie quite so much is deeper than just that. For anyone wondering why does Beth hate Jamie in Yellowstone the answer is multi-layered but perhaps the biggest factor is that she holds him responsible for her being unable to have biological children.

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Back in Yellowstone season 3 it was revealed via flashback that Jamie helped Beth go to the reservation to have a secret abortion after she fell pregnant as a teenager. He’d he’d been informed the only way would lead to her being infertile and Jamie agreed to let things go ahead, though it seems Beth didn’t know that this would be the consequences of it. 

Present-day Beth cannot forgive him and eventually confessed to Rip that she cannot have biological children, keeping the exact details from him. However, Jamie doesn’t appear to feel he did anything wrong as it’s presented that he genuinely thought he was helping his sister and keeping her secret from their father John Dutton. 

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It seems like this is the primary reason Beth hates Jamie in Yellowstone and her actor Kelly Reilly has previously told Entertainment Tonight that she believes the relationship between them is only as toxic as it is because she “loved him” so much.

“I feel really bad for Jamie sometimes. I think the relationship with Jamie and Beth is so toxic. It’s so full of betrayal,” she said. “And so full of pain for her. But I think the reason why all of that exists is because she loved him.”

Sadly, that love has long gone by Yellowstone's latest season as Beth has another of other reasons for hating her brother. She believed that he was responsible for attacks on the Dutton family, including their father who she idolizes.

This later sparked a plot where Beth blackmailed Jamie into killing his own biological father, Garrett Randall, after she found out Garrett had been involved and her brother had found this out and not said anything. 

As a lawyer and a former Attorney-General Jamie also hasn’t made things easy for his father and anything that threatens John is something Beth won’t tolerate. 

What happened to Beth and Jamie in the Yellowstone season 5 mid-season finale? 

As fans await the return of Yellowstone season 5 after its hiatus the mid-season finale built up a LOT of drama - especially between Beth and Jamie Dutton. Already hating her brother for the aforementioned reasons, things were left at boiling point between them after previous episodes saw Beth arrested for assault and her realizing Jamie had a secret child and threatening to take him from her brother. At the end of part 1 of the season, upon learning that the “train station” is the site of many a corpse of those who dared cross the Duttons - including where Jamie buried Garratt - Beth is initially shocked and then quickly rallies. 

Jamie has started the process to get John impeached as Governor and after a furious Beth confronted him he said that she also knows deep down that John is running the Yellowstone ranch into the ground. He also revealed that he knows about the “train station” and Beth isn’t keen on this, believing he could use the information to make things even worse for their dad. So instead she posed the perfect solution - have Jamie killed and bury his body down there too. 

Meanwhile, Jamie is intelligent enough to suspect that his sister (who has threatened to kill him before) will do something like that. He asked his lover Sarah whether she knew anyone who could take out Beth. Helpfully for him, she did, and so it seems both Dutton siblings are going to try and kill each other first. 

What can we expect from Beth and Jamie in Yellowstone season 5 Part 2? 

Given Beth officially and literally declared war on Jamie in Yellowstone season 5’s mid-series finale it seems safe to expect that their feud will finally come to a head in part 2. After all, it’s been simmering under the surface for long enough and she’s not going to let him take John Dutton with his attempts to get him impeached. Jamie also believes she can’t expose his crimes without revealing John’s which is probably true meaning Beth might think she has no other choice anyway. 

The only obstacle to this is John himself as she posed the question of whether they should permanently eliminate Jamie to him in the mid-season finale but it’s not clear what her father’s view on that is. If he explicitly told her to let Jamie live, she might well change her plans. 

But if she doesn’t kill him she’s surely going to be coming up with a way of discrediting Jamie to stop any claims being believed. Meanwhile, we can expect Jamie to continue trying to get his father impeached and secure control of the ranch. And the mid-season finale ended with Kayce and Monica talking about John’s proposal to him that he’ll run the ranch whilst Rip is in Texas. 

Could this be suggesting that it will be Kayce who will eventually take over the ranch and not his brother or sister? Possibly, but until season 5 returns fans will just have to consider the reasons Beth hates Jamie in Yellowstone and whether that hatred will propel her to murder - or to be killed by Jamie.

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