Why Adele's dogs Bob and Freddy could suffer during her Las Vegas concerts

Adele welcomed the two adorable pups into her family earlier this year

Why Adele's dogs Bob and Freddy could suffer during her Las Vegas concerts
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Adele's dogs are likely to struggle when the superstar leaves for her Las Vegas residency next month—and no, it's not because they're jealous of the casinos. 

Adele has finally offered an update on her beloved furry family, sharing new details on her puppies, Bob and Freddy, in her latest interview.

The British musician spoiled fans with yet another on-camera chat on Friday, dropping fresh intel on everything from Adele's 'drab' real name to her irreconcilable TV quarrels with ex-husband Simon Konecki

Appearing on the popular Youtube channel, NikkieTutorials, the 33-year-old allowed Dutch beauty guru Nikkie de Jeger to transform half her face for a special edition of her Internet series, The Power of Makeup—all whilst asking her A-list client a series of fun questions. 

The half-hour-long glam session, which saw Adele's I Drink Wine come to life with a cheeky glass of Chablis, treated viewers to a welcome escape from all the heavy talk surrounding the 30 album—complete with a must-watch segment on the star's beloved pets. 

Having spoken at length about her human relationships over the past couple of months, Adele took the opportunity to spill hot tea on her animal ones—specifically, her two new dogs. 

"I've got puppies, Bob and Freddy," the Easy on Me singer revealed, after crediting her dogs and her son Angelo for keeping her grounded. "They're Goldendoodles. They're brothers." 

Adele first confirmed she'd welcomed the furry siblings into her family back in October, calling them a "spark of joy" in an Instagram Live recorded from her Los Angeles home. She has now disclosed more information on her beloved mixed-breeds, sharing hilarious insights into their names and personalities.  

"We call Freddy 'Afterparty Freddy' because he always wants to do something when it's finished, like when it's over," the Tottenham native told Nikkie. "And Bob loves a job."

While Adele didn't elaborate further on her precious pups (celebrity dogs need their privacy too, after all), it's clear from her description that Bob and Freddy were born with some pretty strong characteristics. Goldendoodles are also known to be an extremely sociable breed, meaning they don't fare too well without their owners. With Adele's Las Vegas residency tearing the star away from Los Angeles every weekend from January to April, the fluffy pair could be in for a tough start to the New Year. 

Goldendoodle dog

Adele's Goldendoodles are likely to miss her when she goes to Las Vegas 

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"Goldendoodles are prone to develop separation anxiety because they are affectionate and want to be with you at all times," says Lisa, a dog expert at Goldendoodle Advice

If that wasn't enough of a concern, Goldendoodles are also highly susceptible to physical health issues. The shaggy breed, who are a cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles, have been known to inherit a whole host of genetic ailments, including hip dysplasia and Addison's disease. 

Luckily, Adele isn't a novice when it comes to looking after pets. The Hello singer previously owned an adorable Dachshund named Louis, who traveled alongside for the European and North American legs of her 2016 tour. She has not mentioned him publicly, however, in years, leading many fans to assume he has passed away. 

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