Who plays Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer and does he die as season 2 part 1 ups the stakes for Mickey and his inner circle?

It just wouldn't be the same without Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer and the investigator has had an intense journey in the show so far...

Angus Sampson as Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer
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Fans of Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer might well be wondering if he’s made through season 1 and season 2 part 1 alive as he found himself in serious trouble.

Based on a book series like Grantchester season 8 and Netflix’s The Night Agent, The Lincoln Lawyer follows attorney Mickey Haller as he operates out of his Lincoln Navigator car in LA. Taking on tough cases, the protagonist is inspired by bestselling author Michael Connelly’s original Lincoln Lawyer book character and he’s not alone when it comes to getting what he needs. Mickey is helped by his legal assistant and second ex-wife Lorna as well as her fiancé, investigator, Cisco, who has quite the story arc through the show.

But who plays Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer and does he die? We reveal what you need to know as we await season 2 part 2...

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Angus Sampson as Dennis 'Cisco' Wojciechowski in episode 202 of The Lincoln Lawyer

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Who plays Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer? 

With so many brilliant cast-members in The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix it’s all-too-easy to recognize a familiar face from another spellbinding show or movie. For those who weren’t quite sure where they might’ve seen him before, Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer is played by Australian actor Angus Sampson who stars as Tucker in the Insidious movies. He’s also appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road and played Bear Gerhardt in Fargo season 2. 

Angus Sampson attends Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening

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He joined the cast of The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 as Dennis "Cisco" Wojciechowski who’s got a double connection to main character Mickey Haller. Cisco is not only Mickey’s close friend and investigator but the fiancé of Mickey’s second ex-wife Lorna Crane. This adds a lot of complexity to Cisco’s character and it also means that Cisco fans have faced some heart-stopping moments across The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 and season 2 part 1 as his storyline takes an increasingly dangerous turn…

Does Cisco die in The Lincoln Lawyer? 

Given the terrifying mess Mickey and co have found themselves in following the shocking - not to mention slightly ambiguous - season 1 ending, it’s perhaps no surprise that some fans are wondering - Does Cisco die in The Lincoln Lawyer? Depending on where you’ve got up to in the series this question might have been sparked by different things but the short answer is no, Cisco hasn’t died in The Lincoln Lawyer, at least not yet. 

Throughout season 1 it was revealed that Cisco was once associated with the motorcycle club, The Road Saints, and it became very clear very quickly that this was going to prove a serious problem for him. Mickey ended up agreeing to represent the Road Saints on a case to help pay off his friend’s debts to them. By the end of the Lincoln Lawyer season 1 finale amid all the other serious drama that went down, Cisco was seen taking to his motorbike and riding off into the sunset. 

This raised the question of where he was going, what was happening with him and Lorna and, perhaps, whether Cisco would die down the line as he seemed to have made a deal with the Road Saints’ leader. Alternatively, some viewers might have wondered if he was running away despite making the deal, putting his life in jeopardy. 

Angus Sampson as Dennis 'Cisco' Wojciechowski in episode 204 of The Lincoln Lawyer

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Following all this uncertainty Cisco was back in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 very much alive but sadly wording for the biker gang. Of course, he hadn’t told Lorna anything about this and Cisco even gets involved in investigating another gang member, Kaz, who the leader fears might be informing on them. He and Kaz are close and he later admitted to Lorna about his history with him and how Kaz once helped him.

Although Cisco’s surname Wojciechowski is something revealed in Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer book series, in the show there’s been a bit of intrigue built up surrounding it. Kaz advised Lorna not to take Cisco’s name when they got married, claiming it’s because it’s tricky to pronounce but who knows if there could be some other reason he thinks it would be better or safer to avoid being so obviously connected to Cisco.

Becki Newton as Lorna Crane, Angus Sampson as Dennis 'Cisco' Wojciechowski in episode 203 of The Lincoln Lawyer

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With five episodes left to go of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 when part 2 lands in August, fans will no doubt be anxiously waiting to discover if Cisco will emerge safely from his dealings with the Road Saints or not. In the finale of part 1 he finally looked like he was done with them after he helped ensure they could hide their guns before a police raid. Having protected the gang, Cisco appeared to think that he and Kaz could be free of them now. 

Trying to keep her fiance on the right path, Lorna gave Kaz a fake passport and told him to never come back or contact Cisco again. The other events of the finale were primarily focused on Mickey and his latest client Lisa who was accused of killing businessman Mitchell Bondurant. 

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 202 of The Lincoln Lawyer

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This culminated in Mickey being attacked and left unconscious (hopefully nothing worse) in a garage. So whilst fans won’t have to fear for the life of Cisco in The Lincoln Lawyer again for another month, his friend still needs him massively after all he’s been through.  

The Lincoln Lawyer season1 and season 2 part 1 are now available to watch via Netflix with season 2 part 2 set to be released on August 3.

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