Who is the new girl in You season 4 and what’s the full cast lineup?

Hello, all of you - here's what we know about the new cast of You season 4

you season 4
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You season 4 has officially hit our screens - here's what to know about who's who in the cast, including the new girl everyone has questions about. 

As indicated by the You season four trailer, Joe Goldberg has officially moved across the pond from the glamorous California suburbs over to London. You season four, which aired on February 9, is already turning heads among fans of the previous three seasons - and although Joe has moved across the world, he continues to indulge in his usual creepy antics. 

Our You season 3 recap discusses the tumultuous season in more detail in which Joe kills his wife Love Quinn, and has taken a job at a university as a literature professor.

But read on to find out more about the season four cast of You, including who's returned and who's new to the series - and don't worry, there are no major spoilers ahead. 

Who returned to the cast for season 4 of You?

Penn Badgley returns to You season four in all of his Joe Goldberg glory - after all, it wouldn't be You without Penn's legendary, cryptic "Hello, you" line. Aside from Penn Badgley, we also continue to see Tati Gabrielle reprise her role as Marienne Bellamy, the library assistant Joe hopelessly falls for in season three. 

you season 4

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Who's new to the season 4 cast of You?

Season four of You has welcomed a particularly large group of newcomers - which makes a lot of sense, seeing as Joe has moved across the world to live among the Brits.

In season four, viewers can expect to see a host of new faces in Joe's life, including Stephan Hagan as Malcom, a fellow professor (albeit, a pompous one) at the university. He introduces Joe to some of his other friends, including Adam, an American boy hailing from rich parents, played by White Lotus season one actor, Lukas Gage. Adam is dating Lady Phoebe, a rich influencer  - but it becomes hazy as to whether Adam really loves Phoebe, or if he's just using her for her fame and money. 

Other important cast members include:

  • Sophie, played by Niccy Lin
  • Simon, played by Aidan Cheng
  • Roald, played by Ben Wiggins
  • Rhys Montrose, played by Ed Speleers
  • Gemma, played by Eve Austin

you season 4

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Who are Joe's new romantic prospects in season 4?

Unfortunately, in true Joe Goldberg fashion, Joe has his sights set on romancing multiple women. Aside from Marienne, who he is ultimately chasing through London, he comes across Malcolm's girlfriend Kate, played by Charlotte Ritchie. Joe's flat is directly across from Malcolm's, so he can see right into their living room - and he develops an obsession with the self-assured Kate, spying on her across the alleyway through his window. 

We also meet Nadia, played by Amy-Leigh Hickman, a student of Joe's in his "American Iconoclasts" lecture.  We've seen Joe develop a soft spot for younger people in previous seasons (Paco, his son Henry, Ellie), so it stands to reason that perhaps Nadia could become a main character in Joe's life. Although, it's worth noting that Nadia, who is very outspoken and self-assured, is older and wiser than his past connections, and may be able to see through Joe's devious plans. 

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