You Season 3 recap: All you need to know about the addictive thriller including is Love dead and who did Joe kill?

Here is a complete You season 3 recap, for fans that want to start season 4 but can't remember anything that happened last season!

You Season 3 recap: All you need to know about the addictive thriller including is Love dead and who did Joe kill?
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Here is a You Season 3 recap for all the fans who are wondering what exactly took place in Joe Goldberg's life in the last season of the series...

Netflix's You Season 4 has just been released on the streaming platform and fans are loving the show, but what exactly happened to Love, and who is looking after Henry? Here is everything you need to know about the last season of You. 

Season 2 of You ends with Joe and Love moving to Madre Linda suburbs with their newborn, and this is where season 3 begins.

Almost immediately, Joe becomes obsessed with their neighbor Natalie, and when Love discovers this she murders Natalie. The pair cover up her death and Joe helps Love dispose of her body.

Henry catches measles and has to be hospitalized, and when Love discovers that her neighbor Gil, who was an anti-vaxxer, had accidentally caused Henry to get ill, Love attacks him and locks him in the vault in the bakery.

Later, Gil kills himself after Love and Joe discover that his son is a sexual predator and use this information to buy his silence. Love and Joe then frame Gil for Natalie's by pretending he killed himself because of his guilt about killing Natalie.

Who did Joe kill in You season 3?

Soon after Love murders Natalie, Joe finds a new woman to stalk. Joe begins working in a library and meets Marienne, who then becomes the object of his affection and he stalks.

Joe and Marienne become friends and in the ninth episode, the pair have sex. Later in that episode, he stalks and murders Marienne's ex, Ryan, who was trying to get custody of their child. 

In the final episode, Love plans to kill Marienne but when Marienne turns up to their house with her daughter, Love decides to just tell her that Ryan was killed by Joe. 

In the series, Joe attempts to kill Cary by pushing him off a cliff but this is laughed off. He also successfully kills Love with poison.


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Did Love have an affair?

In the series, Love has an affair with her teenage neighbor Theo, who she began looking out for because she felt he had no one in his corner. Love briefly thinks she might be pregnant with Theo's child but is relieved to get her period. 

Joe and Love devise a plan to keep Theo obsessed with Love so that they can stay in the loop with the investigation with Natalie. Theo's stepfather Matthew, is the husband of Love's first victim of the series, Natalie Engler.


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Love befriends Sherry Conrad, a local mom and social media influencer who suggests that Love and Joe swing with her and her husband, Cary. When the couples meet at thier house, Joe and Love argue and Love mentions killing Natalie out of her commitment to her marriage to Joe. The Conrads try to run but Love and Joe subdue them and lock them in the glass cage at Joe's bakery.

Theo goes to Love's bakery and discovers the Conrads locked up, Love then bludgeons him with a fire extinguisher and Joe drives him to the hospital. 

Does Love die in You?

In the final episode, Love and Joe have a tense dinner as Joe asks for a divorce and Love decides to paralyze him with aconite that she was growing in the garden. Cottoning on to his wife's plan Joe had an antidote prepared and ends up poisoning Love, killing her.

Joe then stages a murder-suicide and frames Love for all the murders and his own murder. He leaves Henry on the doorstep of his library co-worker Dante and his husband Lansing who had babysat Henry in the series.


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The series ends with Joe escaping to Paris and going on the search for Marienne. The fourth season of Netflix's You launched on Thursday, February 9, 2023 and is available to view on Netflix.

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