You season 4 trailer reveals how the tables have turned for Joe

After relocating to London, the presumed dead Joe Goldberg has new problem to deal with...

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There’s just something about the Netflix hit You that excites and terrifies us at the same time. 

Following a much darker season 3 of You, the show is scheduled to return to the streaming network for a fourth season of drama beginning February 9. The season will actually be split into two parts, with the second one premiering on March 9. 

The trailer for season 4 of You was just released and, surprise surprise main character Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, will officially turn from predator into prey after having moved to London.

A bit of a recap seems to be necessary: as fans may remember, the last season of the show ended with Joe relocating to the UK after being presumed dead. Now a professor, the stalker once known as Joe has changed his name to Jonathan Moore.

As seen in the trailer, Tati Gabrielle will also reprise her role as Marienne Bellamy, Joe/Jonathan's latest love interest - albeit with new platinum blonde hair - that's actually aware of Joe's horrible, criminal past.  

"Did you break my heart, Marienne?," Joe is heard saying in the preview clip. "Heartbreak is always a catalyst for a new path."

According to Netflix's official blog, Tudum, fans should get excited about the fact that Joe will actually become a detective this time around, clearly embarking on a very different journey than what has defined him in past episodes.

"It turns out Joe isn’t the only modern-day Jack the Ripper in the city, because someone called the 'Eat the Rich Killer' is targeting the 'circle of privileged douchebags' he’s befriended," reads the site. "Thus, Joe must channel his inner Sherlock Holmes and stop whomever the killer is before they dismember Joe’s scholarly new life. From killer to the detective? Well, Joe clearly has the range."

If you're hoping for a redeeming act of sorts, you might be in luck. While chatting with EW, showrunner Sera Gamble said, "Four seasons in, we need him to be reasonably self-aware but he obviously has huge blind spots. He keeps finding himself f---ing up over and over again, so he will be working very hard to try to redeem himself this season." Here's to hoping, right?


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"It doesn't matter how many whodunnits I read or see, they still are so compelling," Sarah also said, referring to the new themes explored in the latest season. "It's just a really fun genre. And maybe the first very famous serial killer is from London with Jack the Ripper, so we very quickly started to talk about classic whodunnit structures — Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie."

Based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, You premiered on the Lifetime channel back in September of 2018 but found a much more engaged audience when it moved to Netflix for its second season. 

So successful has the series been on the streaming platform that the company renewed it for a fourth season before the third one even premiered!

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