Where was The Crown Season 5 filmed and can you visit the filming locations?

The Crown Season 5 is set to be released on November 9, here is where some of the most iconic scenes in the series were filmed

The Crown Season 5 filming locations
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Ahead of the release of season 5 of Netflix's The Crown, fans are wondering where exactly the new series has been filmed. 

Fans who loved the first four seasons of The Crown and have already seen The Crown Season 5 trailer have already penciled November 9 in their diaries as the date when the new explosive season of the beloved Netflix series is set to air. With rumors that The Crown could be 'painful' for the Royal Family and that The Crown Season 5 is set to explore Princess Diana's infamous Panorama interview and Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull's friendship, fans are certain that this is going to be the most shocking season to date.

Another key point of interest for many fans is how accurate the show is, and whether the places shown in The Crown Season 5 are the actual locations where the real events took place. Here is what we know about The Crown's Season 5 filming locations - and whether you can visit these real-life places.

The Crown

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While The Crown has gone to great lengths to make the palaces and castles that appear in the series as realistic as possible, of course, Netflix has not always gained permission to film at these real-life locations. For the shots inside Buckingham Palace, Lancaster House was used by the production team. Although this House is not open to visitors, the real location, Buckingham Palace, is open at certain times of the year says Country & Town House.

What life behind palace doors is like, according to an ex-footman

Buckingham Palace

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As in the previous seasons, some of the same properties were used to represent real royal properties. Ardervikie Estate was used in place of Balmoral Castle in Scotland. You can take tours of this impressive castle in Inverness, and you can also visit Balmoral Castle at certain times of the year. There are even rumors that King Charles will be selling Balmoral and turning it into a museum about the Royal Family following the Queen's death - but this has not been confirmed.

Balmoral Castle is pictured near Ballater, on March 30, 2022

Balmoral Castle

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Similarly, Brocket Hall was used by Netflix instead of Kensington Palace. Brocket Hall is not available for the public to view, but there is a Grade I listed Georgian coach house conversion on the estate called Melbourne Lodge that can be booked for an overnight stay.


Kensington Palace

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Burghley House will be used as Windsor Castle. This is particularly poignant this season, which will feature the famous Windsor Castle fire, a catastrophic event that caused major disruption and heartache for the Royal Family. 

Windsor Castle during the wedding of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018

Windsor Castle

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Press photographers also snapped images of The Crown's production team filming in Sant Elm in Mallorca. It is thought that this is to shoot the scenes of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on holiday with William and Harry when the children were just young boys.

The Crown

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Other locations used for The Crown season 5 include Somerleyton Hall which will continue to be used as Sandringham Castle. The Hall is now closed to the public, but the stunning 12 acres of gardens are still available for members of the public to visit.

 Somerley House will be Highgrove House and is available to visits and is available to visit and can even be used for events like weddings and for filming Bridgerton. Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire will feature in place of 10 Downing Street. Hedsor is available to visit and can be used as a venue for a variety of events.

The filming for season 6 has already begun and The Crown has divided fans by filming Princess Diana's car crash scene in Paris. The filming took place in a tunnel in Paris that was very close to the original site of Princess Diana's death in real life - which is why fans were divided about these scenes.

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