Where to watch Shark Tank and who is the richest of all time?

Season 14 of Shark Tank premiered with a number of exciting guest sharks - but who is the richest panelist of all?

Shark Tank
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When season 14 of Shark Tank premiered on ABC just a few weeks ago, on September 23, fans couldn't contain their excitement in connection to the return of the show and the awesome lineup of guest sharks that the show promised, including Kind founder Daniel Lubetzky, DoorDash co-founder Tony Xu and actor and goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow.

As usual, the beloved reality TV show features a panel of investors (the "sharks") who sit in front of would-be entrepreneurs to hear their business pitches and idea. Following each presentation, the sharks decide whether to invest in the  product or concept to them presented or declare themselves "out." 

Lest you think the show to be yet another made-for-television production with no real affect on day-to-day life, think again: plenty of the products and companies featured on the show are now part and parcel of our economy, with a presence across department stores all over the United States of America and beyond. 

Shark Tank

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Some of the Shark Tank products that went on to become very successful include Ring objects, which use motion-sensing technology to monitor who is outside your front door, comfortable socks made by Bombas and the cream-cheese stuffed bagels made by Bantam Bagels.

Where can I watch Shark Tank?

New episodes of Shark Tank are released every Friday night at 8pm EST on ABC. No word yet on how many episodes season 14 will include (five have already aired) but, usually, each season features about 24. 

Fans can also catch each new episode on the ABC website, where they are released the next day, and on Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+.

All 274 episodes making up the first 13 seasons of the inventive TV show are also available for streaming on Hulu.

Who are the sharks on Shark Tank?

As fans of Shark Tank will gladly note, the show’s focus on potentially exciting new business plans is certainly its draw - but the sharks who decide the fate of each contestant are what makes the production even more fun and addicting to watch. Each shark adds character and flair to the show!

Only four sharks have been featured on every single episode of Shark Tank since it first premiered back in 2009, including Daymond John (founder, president and chief executive office of apparel company FUBU), Barbara Corcoran (founder of real estate brokerage firm The Corcoran Group), Robert Herjavec (founder of information technology and computer security company the Herjavec Group) and Kevin O'Leary (known as Mr. Wonderful, he co-founded technology company SoftKey Software Products).

Entrepreneur Kevin Harrington was also part of the cast when the show initially kicked off but he left in 2011 after two seasons on the show. 

Two other sharks joined the panel a couple of years after the original members and have been part of the show ever since. 

Mark Cuban, owner of professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks, started off as a guest judge on season two and has been with the series ever since, and Lori Greiner, known as the Queen of QVC, was a guest judge on season 3 and a main shark starting season 4 until today.

Who are the richest sharks of all time?

There is one question that naturally reigns supreme when dissecting the success of Shark Tank, and that is: who are the richest sharks of all time?

It is obviously hard to determine which shark is the richest, considering they are all very successful business people that hold multiple patents and can lay claim to a variety of different projects. That being said, we do have some knowledge of each shark's net worth. 

According to Forbes, Mark is currently worth $4.7 billion - he even ranked number 247 on the 2021 Forbes 400 list of 400 richest Americans! The figure would make him the richest member of the Shark Tank panel.

According to reports, Kevin is worth between $400 million and $450 million, becoming the second wealthiest shark on the ABC series when looking at all the main starring personalities.

Daymond lands at number three, with an estimated worth of $350 million according to Celebrity Net worth, followed by Robert, the Canadian businessman who can lay claim to $200 million.

The two women panelists round out the list, also according to Celebrity Net Worth. The outlet reports that Lori is worth about $150 million and Barbara around $100 million. That's... a lot of money.

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