Blue Moon in August 2021: when is it and what does it mean?

The Blue Moon, or Sturgeon Moon, will soon be upon us. Here's everything to know about August's full moon and how to harness its energy

Blue Moon 2021
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The Blue Moon is nearly upon us and while we all love the power of a full moon, it's important to delve into what each moon means and how we can harness its energy.

This month has been a bit wild, with the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal and Uranus in retrograde. Now we've got a blue moon on top of that so we reached out to an expert to find out the 411 on this important full moon.

Stephanie Powell, curator of Leona Moon Astrology, is a San Francisco-based astrologer, memelord, editor, writer, and cat lover. She kindly spoke to woman&home about all things Blue Moon and why exactly this full moon is worth paying extra attention to. 

When is the blue moon?

The Blue Moon falls on August 22. 

The annual full moon, which takes place in August, is also called the Sturgeon Moon. This is a traditional name based on the fact that historically sturgeon fish were plentiful this time of year. 

Plentiful means easier to catch, and if that's not a symbol for this carpe diem abundance-filled full moon then what else is?!

So why not ready yourself for this special event with a full moon ritual to celebrate the last full moon of the summer?

What does the blue moon mean?

Blue Moon August 2021

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Stephanie tells us, "The full moon on August 22 is the second full moon in the zodiac sign of Aquarius within 30 days, making it a Blue moon. This full moon in Aquarius delivers vastly different energy than the previous because it will be sitting right next to Jupiter, one of the luckiest planets in the sky."

She explains, "This planetary meet-up can bring a sense of warmth and optimism, inciting our desire to socialize with others and lead with compassion. Jupiter expands whichever planet it touches, and since the moon rules over our emotional state, this full moon can sure bring on the feels, too. 

"But it's also important to consider what Saturn is up to during this jovial lunation. In traditional astrology, Saturn is the planet that rules Aquarius, so in order to understand the full moon's significations on a deeper level, let's check in with Saturn."

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"Saturn will be in the sign of Aquarius and having a harmonious conversation with Venus in Libra. Venus is the planet that reigns over art, love, beauty, justice, and money. While Saturn is typically known for its stern and responsible nature that can sometimes be a buzzkill, Venus lends a natural pick me up." 

"Saturn is usually involved when it comes to materializing our dreams because, well, most dreams and goals require hard work. Commitment is in the air when it comes to our creative pursuits or love interests. If you put the work in, your reward is around the corner."

"That's what this full moon wants to remind you. All full moons are naturally about release and this one, in particular, is occurring at 29 degrees, the final degree of Aquarius. When any planet is at the final degree and about to change signs, it's charged and extra potent. It is our final chance to integrate lessons and release what no longer serves us."

Manifestations for the blue moon

Stephanie tells us, "In order to harness the magic of this full moon, you must act. For example, if you want to be a professional makeup artist, upload your first makeup tutorial to YouTube." 

"It isn't about going viral, it's about showing your commitment and dedication to your desires. That's how you manifest. Creating a vision board full of your deepest desires and how you want your life to look within the next six months is also a wonderful way to tap into Venus in Libra's creative energy."

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