TikTok air fryer pancake hack warning as users reporting similar issues with viral cheat

TikTok air fryer pancake hack comes with heavy warning as fans of the popular small appliance cry foul on the viral trend

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A TikTok air fryer pancake hack warning has been issued by users of the popular small appliances, as a large retailer that recommended it removes all videos from their social media.

As time goes by, it feels like the list of things you can cook in an air fryer is never-ending. The best air fryers on the market afford you countless fun recipe ideas and it appears that this particular trend is very much here to stay.

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With many loyalists viewing air frying as a healthier way to cook, delicious treats like fries are back on the menu. What's not to love? Well, unfortunately, while figuring out how to use each air fryer, some users are reporting issues with viral hacks.

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Case in point, the TikTok air fryer pancake hack. This little cheat is, in theory, magic. Making stacks of pancakes appears to be a cinch - with far less mess than the traditional pan method. 

Before you crack on with your favorite pancake recipes, we suggest that you step away from the air fryer - because this hack really is too good to be true.

In a video, shared on TikTok, Mike, whose account is @isthatmike03, decided to give the trick a go - despite his reservations.

"Obviously we all know by now that this is fake. But like, I still kind of want to try it. I know it's fake but I'm just curious what would actually happen."

He added, "I feel like I'm going to regret this. This is actually so stupid."


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Unfortunately, the results were less than appealing. The pancakes emerged a very ghostly pale shade, were barely cooked, and were completely glued to the parchment paper used to keep them separate.

Talk about a red flag to anybody concerned about how to clean an air fryer!

UK retail giant Currys, who often offer the latest air fryer deals, posted the hack on their socials and reportedly removed it, as many reported that the idea was a total dud. Another dissatisfied TikToker, who tried the hack to no avail said, "@Currys come on you can do better than that! Don't need to waste your time with this one!"

Seemingly, it's not just this year that people have tried - and failed - this seemingly easy hack. "It's a hack shown every year and people fall for it," commented another user - who added it was the first time Currys had shared it.

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Pancakes are a personal matter, especially as there are so many iterations of them across the planet. From crepes, to dosa, to American style thick fluffy pancakes - how you enjoy yours is entirely up to you.

The secret to a perfect pancake may be hotly debated, but it appears that one thing is for sure - the TikTok air fryer pancake hack is best ignored in your quest for pancake perfection.

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