The Queen And Her Corgis

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  • From scones to rabbit, find out what the Royal corgis really eat...

    Ever since the Queen received Susan, a Pembroke corgi for her 18th birthday, she has long been devoted to her dogs and has gone on to own more than 30 of the breed, all of which are descended from her beloved Susan.

    It therefore comes as no suprise that the Royal corgis enjoy an opulent lifestyle. In a recent interview Royal dog trainer and animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford revealed that the corgis each have an “individually designed menu.” They are apparently fed dinners of steak and rabbit, prepared by none other than the palace chef. Their food also includes”array of homeopathic and herbal remedies” which keeps the the Queen’s canine friends in tip top condition. Natrually they are fed in order of seniority, one by one.

    The dog expert has worked with the Queen’s collection of Corgis and Dorgis on a number of occasions, and even managed to rid them of their tendancy to bite the Royal staff.

    Despite their mischievous tendancies, the little dogs are treated much like royalty themselves as Dr Mugford also revealed that their food is served “by a butler in an eclectic collection of battered silver and porcelain dishes.” It has previously been said that they even enjoy scones crumbled up into their bowls for a treat.

    There are currently just two Royal corgis, Holly and Willow as well as two other Dorgis (a cross between a corgi and a dachshund), Candy and Vulcan.