The noughties hair trend that is finally coming back in style

Are you ready to try it again?

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The early noughties were a time of beautifully bright fashion, with Mean Girls and Bratz dolls perfectly capturing the aesthetic of the 2000s. 

Hair was a big part of the style back then. Space buns, high ponytails and bandanas were very much in style, but one star has taken it even further to emulate a particular Y2K trend. 

Bella Hadid has just debuted her bleached bangs that have been coloured red, orange and yellow - like a sunset that frames her face. 

Bella also took the noughties look further by posting an Instagram of herself that she compared to an early 2000’s icon: Chuckie from Rugrats. 

The bleached bangs look has been popular with Generation Z as many teens spend last year’s lockdown bleaching the front of their hair on TikTok. But Bella Hadid has taken the look one step further and dyed it.

Bella’s look feels reminiscent of noughties icons like Christina Aguilera with her chunky highlights or Avril Lavigne with her iconic pink streaks in her hair. 

Christina Aguilera in 2002

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So adding a pop of colour could be the next big thing to happen to your hair. But if you’re uncertain about adding colour to your look there are other ways to get that 2000’s hair look with just accessories. 

Butterfly clips were huge in early noughties and the trend seemed to be to put as many in your hair as possible until you have that Lizzie McGuire look.

But in 2021 clips seem to be coming back in style in a different way. Delicate pearl hair clips and embellished hair clips seem to be the new trend in 2021. These types of clips were huge in Chanel’s Spring 2021 runway last year so we can safely bet that clips will be on the rise soon enough. 

Chanel Runway Spring 2021

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As we all know, fashion famously works in cycles. If you have a decade of colour, a decade of neutral tones is sure to come back around. 

So fingers crossed you can dig out some noughties looks from the back of your wardrobe, because Y2K is coming back!

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