The latest And Just Like That update has the internet shook - and fans divided

Sarah Jessica Parker went online to share an And Just Like That update, and broke the internet in the process

Sarah Jessica Parker and And Just Like That have shared an update, and fans are split
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It’s official. New York City is out of men.

Well, if you’re Carrie Bradshaw that is. That’s because the iconic protagonist of Sex and the City and the upcoming second season of spin-off And Just Like That is officially reuniting with an ex.

That’s right. Aidan is back.

After *spoilers* the shocking death of her husband, Big, in the first season, Carrie struggled with her identity as both a newly single woman again and a widow.

But in a new teaser for the second season, it looks like she’s seeking some solace in an old flame rather than putting herself back out in the dating world.

In photos that have gone on to attract well over one million likes and tens of thousands of comments, Sarah Jessica Parker and the official Instagram account for the HBO Max show, Aidan and Carrie are shown holding hands on set of the new season.

Carrie Bradshaw is back with Aidan, but it's not known to what capacity yet

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To say fans are split by the revelation is an understatement. In the plethora of comments posted, comments range from, “Toxic, toxic, toxic”, “Are there no other men in all of Manhattan?!”and “Run, Aidan, run!” to “I’ve been DREAMING of this” and “Team Aidan!”

While there’s no consensus on whether Carrie should have been with Aidan from the start, the photos have at least ended the speculation about whether he really would return after actor John Corbett kept teasing.

John had originally insinuated he would make an appearance in the first season of the spin-off, but that never came to fruition.

So when it was hinted at that he was back for season two, fans weren’t as quick to buy it. But now we know.

John Corbett is back as Aidan Shaw

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The actor has also hinted at a possible longer term return for Aidan, having told Page Six, “I might be in quite a few [episodes]” of the new season.

John Corbett played the role of Aidan Shaw, one of Carrie’s two big love interests and the first one to get an engagement ring on her finger (or around her neck, as fans of the show would recall she chose to wear it as a necklace).

Aidan dated SJP’s Carrie twice. The first time ended in heartache after Carrie cheated on him with Big.

The affair came to light on the day of Charlotte’s wedding in season three, and Aidan leaves.

But Carrie decides she wants him back and the two give it a second shot in season four. Aidan thinks that getting a commitment from Carrie will ease his doubts and mistrust following the affair, and ends up trying to force her into a quickie wedding.

Aidan and Carrie are going for third time lucky

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Realizing she would never really be free of Big, they break up for good.

Or so they thought. In Sex and the City 2, the sequel to the first movie, Carrie and Aidan once again find themselves back together – this time in Abu Dhabi of all places.

After an unexpected encounter, they decide to have dinner together – but it ended in a passionate kiss. Carrie confesses all to Big and things are left unresolved with Aidan.

With Big firmly out of the picture now, could the two of them be trying for third time lucky?

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