The Full Moon November 2023 is in Gemini and deliberately pushes us out of our comfort zone

The Full Moon November 2023 is set to show us who or what is holding us back from our goals - and it might even be your own self.

Full Moon November 2023
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It’s easy to feel discouraged no matter what you do or don’t do during this intense Full Moon of November 2023. But the remedy can always be found in the Moon. 

What does a Gemini Moon invite us to consider? To remain curious, consider the possibilities, and not draw any firm conclusions. Get more information. Talk to someone who’s been through what you’ve been through. Then talk to someone who hasn’t. Impulsivity and caution exist on a spectrum – and your next action will fall somewhere on that line. 

Remember that we can come to conclusions during a Full Moon and despite the discomfort any personal revelations can bring, there is an opportunity to depersonalize any decision you can make as a reflection of your identity or instead, see it as an essential part of your story. Think of the possibilities like a plot twist and you’re the main character. Script it out and see which story you’re more willing to follow along with.

Full Moon Rituals

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When is the Full Moon November 2023?

On November 27th 2023 at 9:17 AM GMT, the Moon in Gemini forms a powerful opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius –activating a passionate Mars and a stern Saturn in the process. Mars is reactive and needs to rush forward, but Saturn is contracting and stirs up doubts and restrictions.

Full Moons are configured like a seesaw, so push-pull energy is inherent in them. Sometimes the flow of planetary energies inspires cooperation. But sometimes, like this particular lunation, these competing forces could be not so harmonious. Right now, we’ll feel inspired to soothe emotional overwhelm and physical discomfort with a rush to action – or to give up. Some will be insistent on pushing forward and galvanizing others to join, to make a declaration, to take a side. Then others might feel so pressured that they decide it’s better to do nothing than to do the wrong thing. And then both parties (or parts of us) can second guess it all. 

Here's how the Full Moon of November 2023 will affect you. Look at your sun or rising sign for the most accurate reading, based on your astrology birth chart.

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Full Moon November 2023 horoscope


Where are you holding back in your conversations, Aries? With this Gemini Full Moon in your third house of communication, you’ve come up on a critical moment in your current path. One where you can decide that you’re going to say what you want exactly how you want to say it and let the consequences play out as they will. Or you can withdraw, mute, ignore, and generally avoid topics you care about for the sake of getting along. The truth: both versions shut down the conversation, not enhance it. Instead, use this time to feed your curiosity. Act like a novice. Ask more questions. Engage in more conversations. 


Does it feel like money is coming and going and you can’t quite keep up with the constant ebb and flow, Taurus? With this Gemini Full Moon in your second house of resources, you could be feeling the strain of the hustle and grind. Just when it seems money comes in, something requires you to hand it back over. This could make you feel like whether you’re splurging or scrimping, it all amounts to the same thing. If saving has felt like a series of false starts, maybe it’s time to get advice from a financial advisor or someone who can help you break this cycle. 


Who are you when no one else is looking? Who are you when everyone is? And how different are these two versions of you, Gemini? That’s the question that’s before you during this Gemini Full Moon in your first house of the self. There is a part of you that wants to charge forth, wants to be seen, and wants to declare proudly and boldly who you are and what you stand for to the world. And another part of you that worries about the repercussions. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to consider it’s not the action that should hold you back – but can you work on your delivery?


It’s time to give yourself a break, Cancer – a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual break. The pressure has reached its boiling-over point during this Gemini Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious. You’re likely at a point where you feel overwhelmed. Instead of pushing through it or judging yourself for it, explore ways you can get back in touch with your core. Relax with a warm bath. Take a solo walk in the woods. Journaling could be useful. The point is, don’t succumb to pressure to react for the sake of acting, or to shut down to avoid decision-making. Recenter and come from a place of intentional alignment.


When you have good news, Leo, who are the people you want to celebrate that with? When you experience heartbreak or disappointment, who do you turn to and rely on? This Gemini Full Moon in your eleventh house of friendships is highlighting your support networks and the systems you’ve been around you. Where are the foundations strong? Where do they inspire fun, freedom, and adventure? And where do they leave you feeling wanting? It’s time to have conversations with those you care about – and who care about you. People who care are always willing to connect and more than willing to help. You just need to let them know you need it. 


What would you do if caution weren’t a factor? Other people’s opinions or expectations? Virgo, this Gemini Full Moon in your tenth house of career is bringing awareness to the push-and-pull dynamic that you’ve been feeling for a while when it comes to your profession. You may be good at it, but is having this job good for you? If you didn’t have to worry about money, where do your real interests lie? If you didn’t consider how it would seem to others to change roles, would you? You’re more than a title. You are not your job. You are so much more. Think about what is beyond your comfort zone.


Where do your daydreams take you, Libra? That’s why this Gemini Full Moon in your ninth house of dreams and adventure is inviting you to consider. Where is your soul longing to go? You’ve been battling a desire for impulsive action – like just booking that trip or leaving your job to go do something that sets your heart on fire – but it’s coming up against an increasingly loud voice that’s urging caution. Instead of reminding yourself all the ways you can “fail” – or when it’s been perceived that you did – let go of the judgement and be open and curious to new possibilities in front of you.

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Can you let go and be vulnerable, Scorpio? It’s a big question and one that the stars are putting a fine point on for you during this Gemini Full Moon in your eighth house of karmic debts and intimacy. Relying on other people is never easy for one as guarded as yourself. But if there is one very thing that life guarantees us, it’s that we have to interact with others. We get to control the quality and quantity of those interactions. Can you probe your psyche to figure out what you want and what you need from others? Can you then be brave enough to admit it? 


Do you think you already know everything there is to know about love and relationships, Sagittarius? This Gemini Full Moon in your seventh house of partnership is asking you to think again. If you’re currently partnered, can you invite more playful curiosity into your dynamic? Can you get to know them all over again? Can you allow them to grow and change? If you’re single, can you let go of beliefs, self-limiting or otherwise, that keep you feeling like you’ve tried it all? Can you get curious about yourself, your desires, and your possibilities? That’s the magic of this Full Moon for you. 


Picture the moment you first open your eyes in the morning. Now what would you change about it, if you could, Capricorn? This Gemini Full Moon in your sixth house of health and habits is inviting you to play with the possibility that just because you’ve always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to continue. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that there isn’t a toll – personal, spiritual, economical – that you’re not paying for it. Just because it “works” doesn’t mean it’s aligned. There is a part of you longing to break free – and another part urging caution. Your job is to explore both arguments and decide who will win – and what matters.


What sparks your curiosity, Aquarius? Sets your soul on fire? This Gemini Full Moon in your fifth house of pleasure wants you to consider why you’re not doing more of what you love. Is it fear of failure? Fear of rejection? The thought that since you can’t make enough time to do it right, why bother at all? When the muses visit you, they extend an offer. If you don’t take it, they move on to find someone else who will. It’s not a judgment if you don’t take it – but a reminder that you are a creative being. Your talents are a vessel to bring life to it. Next time they visit, could you make more room?


Where do you want to be, Pisces? This Gemini Full Moon in your fourth house of home and family is asking you to consider if a change of scenery – if not a change of pace – might be in order. When you consider your home life, whether that’s your physical home or the living situation and dynamics you’re in – does it feel aligned with your personal needs? Is there an inner desire to drop what you’re doing and move? Live somewhere else? Or just somehow change your environment so it’s more conducive to regulating your nervous system? It’s scary to consider – but it could also be just what you need.

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