The Friends reunion trailer has finally dropped—here’s what you can expect from ‘The One Where They Got Back Together’

The Friends reunion trailer has us all on the edge of our seats with excitement

The Friends reunion trailer has us all on the edge of our seats with excitement
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The Friends reunion trailer has finally been released—and let's just say, the lyrics to I'll Be There For You have never felt more real. 

Fans of the hit TV show have been treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming HBO special, 'The One Where They Get Back Together', which will see the iconic sextet come together for their first on-screen appearance since 2004. 

After being delayed multiple times because of Covid-19 restrictions, the reunion wrapped up taping last month and is finally scheduled to air on May 24. The episode's teaser shows the six OG cast members gather on the Warner Bro's. Stage 24—the same set they filmed the ten seasons of Friends—for a nostalgia-fueled evening of games, laughter, and of course, friendly banter. There will also be appearances from former guest stars, including Reese Witherspoon and Tom Selleck, just in case you weren't already sold. 

If you still need a little more convincing to tune in, here are our favorite highlights from the trailer that might pique your interest. 

The cast gets competitive with a Friends trivia game

That's right—the cast will test one another's Friends knowledge with a fun trivia game. The trailer shows David Schwimmer, who played Ross, asking his costars, "Rachel wrote Ross a letter and demanded he read it before they got back together. How many pages was that letter?" The tricky question is no bother to Matt LeBlanc (Joey) and Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), who join forces to deliver the correct answer: "Eighteen pages—front and back."

James Corden splits the group with a controversial question

James Corden sits down with the cast on the iconic brown couch for a coffee—and some tough conversation. The British comedian takes the opportunity to settle the age-old debate that's divided fans of the show for years: "Were Ross and Rachel on a break?" The question refers to the Season 3 episode when Ross slept with a woman after arguing with Rachel, his girlfriend at the time. The verdict seems to be a unanimous yes—until it's Matt LeBlanc's turn to answer. "B-llshit," he quips, much to the amusement of his fellow cast members. Talk about digging up the past. 

There's a script-reading that ends in screaming 

The Friends reunion sees the cast reprise their characters—sort of. The group performs a script reading from the Season 5 episode, The One Where Everyone Finds Out, and it doesn't take long to fall back into their old roles. Lisa Kudrow, always the funny one, leaves the table in stitches with her recreation of Phoebe's hilarious "My eyes!" scream—a.k.a. her response to accidentally catching Chandler and Monica remove each other's clothes.  

Things get pretty emotional between the six friends 

Friends may be comedy gold, but when it comes to the cast's bond, there's nothing to joke about. The trailer highlights the lasting rapport amongst the six actors, as they reconnect over their shared memories of the legendary '90s sitcom. Courtney Cox (Monica) Matthew Perry (Chandler) and Jennifer Aniston are all shown tearing up in the preview, which culminates in a shot of the sextet in an emotional group hug. Lisa Kudrow also shares some heartwarming words with her fellow castmates, revealing, "When I'm watching the episodes I'm laughing out loud because you all make me laugh so much." 

And if that's not enough to make you join the reunion on May 24, we don't know what is. 

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