Strictly's Ola Jordan reveals weight struggles after motherhood - 'I don’t feel like I’m in my right body'

Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan has revealed her weight struggles as she opens up about her body changing after motherhood

Ola Jordan has revealed her weight struggles
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Ola Jordan has revealed her weight struggles as she opens up about how her body has changed since she became a mother.

Former Strictly Come Dancing stars Ola Jordan and James Jordan welcomed a baby daughter in March 2020 . Since welcoming her first child, Ola has revealed that she now struggles with her body image as she isn't the athletic dancer she was in previous years. Despite these concerns about her weight, her husband manages to make her laugh these worries away with humor.

Ola told the Daily Mail, "'You know what James is like - he’s always taking the mickey. He jokes I’m not the woman he married but then I say to him - what about you and your big belly?!"

The dancer quickly added that this was all a joke and they love one another regardless of size. "But obviously we don’t really mean it - much! I know he loves me whatever size I am but let’s face it neither of us look in Strictly shape do we - so we’ve got matching mum and dad bods now!" said Ola.

Ola Jordan

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The Strictly dancer revealed that she has always had concerns about her weight, so being pregnant was her opportunity to not think about these issues, and enjoy having a belly. 

"To be honest I’ve always struggled with my weight. I was always one of the curviest girls on Strictly amongst the professional dancers," the dancer revealed. "It’s never been easy for me. So now it’s been enjoyable not to be watching what I’ve been eating and to have a drink and some chocolate when I want."

She added that this shift in priorities has been great for her and her 'outlook' has totally changed. "Definitely since having Ella my priorities have changed - she is my number one priority now. So I have better things to think about than a 24 inch waist!" 

Ola added, "My outlook has totally changed since being a mother. I’m looking after this little person who totally depends on me, so worrying about how I look is not top of my list."

The star added that despite shifting her priorities, she still finds it difficult to see how much her body has changed since becoming a mother. The dancer referenced a specific occasion when she saw a photograph of her body in a bikini. 

"When I first saw the picture (which a friend took at our house) I was absolutely horrified - and mortified," said Ola. "You know what it’s like, if you’ve put on a bit of weight, you hide away in baggy clothes and avoid looking in full Iength mirrors! So this was a bit of a shock."

Ola then shared the image with her fans online and was shocked by the amount of support she received from fellow celebs and fans.

"But I thought - you know what I’ve had a baby and no I don’t look like I did in my time on Strictly - but I’m not dancing for six hours a day. So I thought I should just be honest and share it because this is mum life right? " said Ola.

She confirmed that posting this type of image was nerve-wracking to say the least, but appreciated the overwhelming support she received. "I was nervous that people would be really mean because I don’t look like the girl in the catsuit anymore." Ola said, "But actually I’ve been overwhelmed with how supportive people have been. I’ve not had one nasty message at all."

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