Strictly judge Shirley Ballas says she ‘feels like a diamond’ after non-surgical facelift

The Strictly judge started having treatments over a year ago...

Shirley Ballas shares results of non-surgical facelift - red carpet photo of Shirley
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As Strictly hits our screens once again, it's not just the dancers dazzling. Head judge, now in her seventh season of the show, Shirley Ballas wowed viewers with her glowing appearance on Saturday night. 

Shirley is no stranger to glamour, known for her bold looks both on and off the air. But this time it was her skin stealing the show as she shared the results of her facelift journey using non-surgical facial treatments. 

We’re no stranger to the odd unconventional facelift hack on TikTok, a facial tweakment here and there. However, Ballas’ treatment is perhaps the middle ground of the two, offering long-lasting results without going under the knife. 

Shirley Ballas shares results of non-surgical facelift - Launch show of Strictly 2023

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Posting on her Instagram, Shirley sang the praises of her aesthetic doctor Dr Judy Todd who organised the treatment plan for the Strictly judge. 

Since then, Shirley has undergone six more Neogen plasma treatments, having one roughly every six weeks. Discussing her reason for starting this process, she said, "This time last year I was conscious that my jawline was sagging and hanging a bit, my skin looked dull and a bit lifeless and I wanted to get rid of all my spider veins and tighten up the skin on my neck and chest." 

"I wanted to look my very best but I really didn’t want to go under the knife, so I thought I would try this alternative route," she continued. 

Dr Todd posted to Instagram saying how thrilled Shirley was with the results, along with a reel of the judge discussing her treatments. "I just want to keep it up! My skin has improved dramatically as one can see from the photos. From the very first day I had my first Neogen to today!" she gushed. 

The treatment, according to the NeoGen website, uses thermal plasma energy to cause the skin to contract which creates a tightening effect. The effect is meant to develop for up to 12 months, leaving the skin taught and rejuvenated long-term.

Since starting the process, Shirley says she's been inundated with compliments, "Recently I have had so many comments from friends, colleagues and family saying my skin is looking amazing, and that has been a massive boost. I've just turned 63, and I'm really, really happy at how my skin is looking." 

And it's not just the star's family and friends, Strictly viewers have also noticed too! One Instagram user commented on Shirley' before and after post saying, "Thought she must have. Looked fabulous on Strictly!"

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