Sara Cox says she doesn't 'fret' about ageing and the way her body looks as she declares 'women need to stop talking about that'

Sara doesn't focus on things she doesn't like about her body

Sara Cox
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Sara Cox says she doesn't have time to think about 'which part of her body she hates', admitting that she doesn't worry about ageing. 

Appearing on the cover of the woman&home October 2023 issue, Sara opened up about body confidence and acceptance, declaring that she feels that women 'need to stop talking about it'.

The iconic BBC radio presenter, 48, says that she is grateful to have her health and doesn't think too much about how she looks or getting older, instead relishing in the happy and active parts of her life that she loves as she approaches 50. 

Sara Cox

(Image credit: Dan Kennedy/woman&home)

"I've not got time for thinking about what bit of my body I hate. Women need to stop talking about that. I’m just grateful that, touch wood, things work and that I’m here. It’s why I don’t fret about ageing," she said.

Sara, who is a British household name, also says that she grew to love exercise after becoming a mum to Lola, 19, Isaac, 15, and Renee, 13, regularly cycling, horse riding and hitting the gym, adding that neither she or husband Ben Cyzer are big drinkers.

Sara Cox

(Image credit: Dan Kennedy/woman&home)

 "For a few years, I’ve only drunk twice a week, some weeks not at all, but Ben’s pretty much teetotal, so that has an influence," she said, admitting that if she would be more inclined to indulge in a glass of wine more frequently if her husband did, but loves the benefits of drinking less

She continued, "If I got home to a husband who’d just opened up a lovely bottle of Rioja, I’d drink more but because he doesn’t drink at all, I have half a glass and sometimes think the family is thinking, 'Uh-oh, she’s off the rails. Look at that old lush in the corner!'"

For Sara, drinking is a once in a while treat that she appreciates, as she explained, "When I do drink, I enjoy it."

Opening up about her and advertising executive Ben's super close bond and happy relationship, Sara shared that they marked a decade of marriage in a seriously epic way. 

Sara, who tied the knot with Ben in 2013 after seven years of dating, revealed, "Ben is my best mate and we’re brilliant together. I’m very lucky. Since having Ben in my life, things have really clicked into place. After the fog of the very young children years, the past 10 years have been amazing. 

"We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in June by going to Glastonbury."

The full interview with Shirley is featured in the October issue of woman&home, on sale 31st August.

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