Ruth Langsford left embarrassed after she forgets key anniversary with husband Eamonn

As one of TV's most popular on-and-off-screen couples, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have become pretty used to sharing some of their relationship squabbles with the world.

And on a recent episode of This Morning, fans witnessed an awkward moment between the husband and wife duo as Ruth made a bit of a blunder, regarding an important anniversary.

The pair were discussing weddings, when Eamonn commented, "We got married in June and it was the hottest day of the year."

Then, testing his wife, he said, "And the date was...?", to which Ruth replied, "30th June."

However, it seems the former Strictly star had got her dates muddled, with Eamonn insisting, "No it wasn't!"

While Ruth seemed confident in her original answer, Eamonn continued, "No it wasn't, it was the 26th June", leaving Ruth quickly realising her mistake.

She confessed, "Oh god, it was the 26th June", before bursting into a fit of giggles live on air.

And just to embarrass her further, Eamonn continued, "There it is, Ruth Langsford, live on TV, not knowing when she was married."

Guest presenter Trinny Woodhall also got in on the gag, joking, "You are going to pay for that, so badly".

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Ruth couldn't hide her embarrassment over the blunder, covering her face with her hand as she continued to laugh awkwardly.

Don't worry Ruth - we've all been there!

Eamonn and Ruth Langsford did in fact tie the knot on the 26th June 2010, in a romantic country ceremony in Hampshire. The couple headed to the lavish Elvetham Hotel in Hook to marry, 13 years after first getting together.

At the time, Ruth spoke about the couple's passionate relationship. She said, "Our relationship is very passionate. We're like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

"Although we bicker and argue, ultimately our love for each other and the bond we share is so strong."

Eamonn also confessed in an interview with Hello! magazine, that he felt Ruth was the missing part of his life. He said, "Ruth was the missing jigsaw piece in my life. I was meant to be married.

"She's a wonderful mummy to Jack, a fantastic partner both personally and professionally and now, I'm proud to say, she's my beautiful wife."

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