Ruth Langsford shares adorable tribute to husband Eamonn in candid new interview

This is so sweet!

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes
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It takes a lot to make a 24-year marriage work - but it seems that Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have cracked it.

In a new interview and shoot with OK! Magazine, the TV presenter gushes over her husband, getting candid about their relationship.

“Our love is very deep,” Ruth Langsford told OK!, adding, “He makes me feel very loved.”

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The couple, who brighten up our screens on This Morning, do their fair share of bickering on screen, but Ruth insists that their relationship has strong foundations.

“We’re like an oak tree. Things flap about in the wind, we bicker, we disagree, but actually our roots are solid, we’re very together,” she told OK!

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She compares herself and Eamonn to the King and Queen of the jungle; a “lion and lioness”.

Setting the scene, she says, “Eamonn’s lying under the tree, scratching his belly, with one eye half open. I’m busying around. Suddenly there’s a problem – there’s a crocodile. I go, 'Eamonn!' I run to him and he’s my protector.”

She also describes Eamonn as, “very sentimental, very emotional and very caring”.

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And it would seem her husband agrees. Eamonn, 60, said: “Ruth is the love of my life. There’s nothing I’d refuse her.

“I admire her – she’s full of energy and very different from me. I feel puny beside her.”

The two are likely to be even stronger since Ruth had to deal with a devastating family tragedy. Her sister, Julie took her own life earlier this year after a long battle with depression. Ruth has repeatedly vocalised how supportive husband Eamonn has been during this difficult time.

Eamonn recalled how the tragedy has been an eye-opener, encouraging him to cherish each moment with his wife.

“I want to experience a life with Ruth. If I lost her the way she’s lost her sister, my life as I know it would be finished. I doubt if I could be on my own because I’d miss her so much.”

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