Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Secret Life At The Palace

Ever wondered what the two most adorable young royals get up to in their spare time? Of course you have.

On 22nd April, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shed some light on the lives of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, whilst appearing on Radio 1 to promote their mental health campaign, Heads Together.

And, of course, the young royals are pretty much just like any other toddlers.

The Duke and Duchess admitted that the classic kids’ programme Fireman Sam is the current favourite with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, while Catherine explained that, unlike Charlotte, George is “past the Peppa Pig stage”.

Prince William also revealed the hilarious consequences of zoning out whilst he watches TV with his kids, saying, “Our daughter gets really upset if you’re not showing due dillegence to the characters.” Sounds like Charlotte is definitely the boss in this family!

The conversation with DJ Scott Mills then turned to the Queen’s 91st birthday, which took place on Friday, and the gifts the kids planned on giving to their great grandmother. William explained that she’d probably get something unique and homemade from them: “George is good at arts and crafts.”

Catherine then said to William, “You’re good at making things”, but despite his talents, William agreed that he wouldn’t be able to get away with giving the Queen a homemade gift. He said, “The great grandchildren can make things. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it always goes down well.”

Tongue firmly in cheek, the Duchess accused her husband of trying to take credit for his son’s artwork, to which William joked, “This is putting the marriage on the line!”

The royal couple continued chatting, and seemed happy to be remarkably open about their private life. And as it turns out, the couple are (sometimes) just as normal or you or I, even enjoying a takeaway at the weekend.

When radio host Scott Mills asked, “So do you ever order takeaways? What do you order, curry, pizza?” Catherine responded, “Absolutely – and curry, definitely!”

However, William seemed less partial to an Indian, saying, “It’s a real conundrum when it comes to it – pizza, curry or Chinese. But I’m not so good with the spicy food though.”

(The royal trio at the London Marathon)

But surely most takeaways don’t deliver straight to the palace? William explained, “It doesn’t usually tend to get ordered to the Palace. We tend to go pick it up – [though] not ourselves!”

The pair also admitted that, like all of us, they’re partial to a boxset or two whilst munching on their dinner. The Duke and Duchess revealed that they love Homeland and Game of Thrones – but laughed when asked if they watched Eastenders or Gogglebox

The couple spent their weekend supporting runners at the Virgin Money London Marathon, alongside Prince Harry, for their campaign Heads Together. The trio pressed the button to kickstart the race, and supported runners on their way round, high-fiving people and handing out water.

The royals also presented medals at the end of the race, and met up with their Heads Together team to find out how they’d found the day.

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