Is the lockdown being extended for over 50s? The rumoured plans to avoid another national lockdown

The Prime Minister is said to be considering options.
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  • It has been reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering putting over 50s under shielding measures, should cases of coronavirus spike again.

    The Times have reported that Boris has had talks with Chancellor Rishi Sunak, in order to discuss how they may avoid another national lockdown, if Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

    Is the lockdown being extended for over 50s?

    Will the lockdown be extended for over 50s? Nothing has yet been confirmed by the government. Amongst the conditional measures allegedly discussed in the Prime Minister’s meeting, is the idea that a larger number of people may be asked to shield if an outbreak occurs. Reportedly, this would include those aged 50-70. People in this age group would be given a ‘personalised risk rating’ based on their age and general health, and could be asked to shield at home under these potential new measures.

    Other measures reportedly discussed include restricting travel beyond the M25, and putting a stop to staying over at other people’s homes – similar to the restrictions recently imposed in parts of the North of England.

    As yet though, none of these proposed measures have been confirmed as plans for the UK going forward.

    lockdown extended for over 50s

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    Shielding for vulnerable people was only lifted for those living in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday 1st August, and remains in place for residents in Wales until 16th August.

    Previously, shielding was only for those over 70 and those with health conditions that may make them vulnerable.

    The news comes after the Prime Minister delivered a daily briefing to the nation on Friday, revealing that he has to ‘squeeze the brakes’ on any further lifting of lockdown restrictions for the time being.

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    He announced that with coronavirus cases, ‘creeping up’ in some areas of the UK, venues like bowling alleys and casinos could not open on 1st August as originally planned – nor could close-contact beauty services such as eyebrow threading resume on that date.

    Instead, they must remain closed for another two weeks at least.

    Boris’ announcement was also made soon after Matt Hancock revealed that parts of the North had been placed under a local lockdown, forbidding visits inside the home and in private gardens in Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire, and East Lancashire.

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