Outlander season 7 will be 'absolute turmoil' claims key cast members

As episode 5 of Outlander season 7 airs, some of the main cast members have revealed what might be in store for our favorite characters...

Outlander season 7 will be 'absolute turmoil'
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Three main members of the Outlander cast have revealed what might be in store this season - and honestly, we can't wait!

There may have only been five episodes released so far, but we are loving Outlander season 7 and are desperate to find out what's going to happen next. Thankfully some of the key cast members from the show have revealed what might be in store for some of our favorite characters.

Warning! There are spoilers for season seven episode five ahead...

Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin, who play Bree and Roger respectively, spoke with Digital Spy and hinted at what the seventh season might hold in store.

For the first five episodes of the season, Bree and Roger have been a tight unit as they moved their family from the 18th century back into the 20th century with their children Jem and Mandy. Bree has taken on a new job and has already faced some challenges with her new coworkers, but the bulk of this season seems to be focused on their domestic relationship and family life settling into Lallybroch.

However, Sophie hinted that this may be about to change as there are 'elements' of the season where the duo aren't together. 

"There might be elements this season where Roger and Brianna aren't together. There's a lot of stuff going on this season that we're all going to have to deal with and we might have to go and fight our own battles a bit. It’s been fun – there's been loads of new faces on set and also a lot of absences," she said.

The absence she may be referencing is the fact that fan-favorite characters Marsali and Fergus have still yet to make an appearance in the seventh season, and fans are hoping they will be back again soon. Fortunately, the star also hinted at some 'reunions' which could mean the return of Fergus and Marsali, or perhaps some more time traveling for Bree and Roger if they are to be reunited with Claire and Jamie again.

"I mean, it's Outlander. So there's always going to be absolute turmoil, heartbreak, separations, reunions," said Sophie, adding, "And Roger and Brianna are in the epicentre of all that, and I don't know – maybe they're going to be different people again by the end of it. Let's see!"

Another cast member,John Bell who plays Ian Fraser Murray, has also opened up about what season 7 may look like for his character.

John told the Express that he is 'hopeful' about Ian's future and believes that he might yet find love. "I’m an optimist. I’m always hopeful. He’s been through enough. He needs a break. He needs a nice woman, who’s going to treat him right and he’s going to treat her right. I hope so."

Speaking about whether he is ready for another romantic dalliance, possibly with a certain Rachel Hunter, the actor revealed, "Yeah, I think Ian’s ready to love again. He was so broken after Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa and everything that happened to him and we saw him go through that whole journey of self-acceptance, of self-love and letting go of the past, forgiving people, forgiving himself."

Reflecting on how his character has changed since season 6, John said, "Now, the Ian we meet in season seven is pretty fully developed. He knows who he is to his core. He’s been through so much. He’s become the rock for [the Frasers] a lot. He’s unshakeable. So I think he is ready for this next chapter."

The actor then suggested that he and Jamie Fraser's son, William Ransom, may butt heads and their relationship put to the test as a 'certain someone' comes between the pair. But only time will tell!

Outlander season 7 airs on Starz and Lionsgate+ every Friday.

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