Nine Perfect Strangers Tranquillum house is a real place and you can actually stay there

Nine Perfect Strangers is the series that everyone is talking about and you can stay at the iconic Tranquillum House

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Nine Perfect Strangers is set in the most gorgeous luxurious resort home, and it has just been revealed that fans of the show can actually stay in Tranquillum House!

Nine Perfect Strangers is the new Nicole Kidman thriller that we are all a little bit obsessed with since it dropped on Hulu in the US and Amazon in the UK.

Although the wellness resort, Tranquillum House, may seem a little bit sketchy in the series, the location of the property is undeniably beautiful. From the sprawling grounds to the sun-soaked marble floors, everything about this house screams luxury and tranquility.

Fans will be delighted to discover that this idyllic property actually exists in real life and is open for visitors, that's right, you can actually book a holiday at Tranquillum House! And while there are some great UK wellness retreats that will restore your sense of equilibrium, sometimes it's nice to live like Nicole Kidman for a day!

Nine Perfect Strangers cast in the Hulu show

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The home that is shown in the show is actually based in two different locations. The show is set in the fictional town Cabrillo in California. But much of the filming location was changes to New South Wales, Australia due to the pandemic. 

Part of Tranquillum house was filmed at a private residence called the Lune de Sang. The Lune de Sang is described as, "a 146 hectare registered cabinet timber plantation located in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, some 25 kilometers due west of Australia's easternmost point." While this location is not open for guests to stay, the second location for Tranquillium House is—but it may set you back a pretty penny...

A wellness and yoga center based near Byron Bay called Soma is the second location for filming at 'Tranquillum House'.

This hotel allegedly feels more 'like a private residence' and showcases some familiar features that are visible in the television series. 

The wellness center has it all, a freshwater pool, outdoor cinema, a communal firepit, and even a geodesic yoga dome that welcomes experts but also teaches yoga for beginners.

Soma offers three main rates to stay at the wellness center. The cheapest is the Soma II meditate which runs from Friday to Sunday. The second cheapest is the Soma III advance rounding that runs Thursday through to Sunday. 

The final stay is the Soma IV redesign retreat runs from Wednesday to Sunday and is the most expensive trip that is currently offered by the resort.

Looking at the Soma III advance, which is the mid-range trip offered by the resort will cost you $3,100 ($2,247.66 USD or £1,638.38 GBP) for a three-night and four-day stay. 

For a couple, this figure increases to $4,600 ($3334.5415 USD or £2,430.63 GBP) for the same amount of time. 

Nine Perfect Strangers cast in the Hulu show

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How many episodes are there of Nine Perfect Strangers?

It is expected that there will be eight episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers that will be released weekly over August and September. The names of the first six episodes have been announced but only four have been released so far.

The final episodes of the 8-part series are expected to be released in the US and UK in September. The final episode will air in the US on Wednesday September 22 and just a few days later in the UK on Friday September 24.

Cast of Nine Perfect Strangers including Nicole Kidman

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When is the next episode of Nine Perfect Strangers?

The first three episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers aired on Hulu for a US audience on Wednesday August 18 2021. The episodes were titled, 'Random Acts of Mayhem,' 'The Critical Path,' and 'Earth Day.'

The fourth episode of the series debuted in the US on August 25, 2021. In the UK, the fourth episode will be available just a couple of days later on Friday, August 27, 2021.

The fourth episode is titled, 'Brave New World.'

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