Nicola Coughlan has a Cinderella moment at the BAFTA awards and hints at Bridgerton Season 2 having ‘lots of balls’

Nicola Coughlan stunned at the BAFTAs as she dished on the details about the next season of Bridgerton

Nicola Coughlan
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Nicola Coughlan, one of the stars of Bridgerton, had her own fairytale moment at the BAFTA awards as her shoe slipped off her foot on the red carpet—a move that Cinderella herself would definitely approve of. 

Nicola Coughlan, the actress behind Penelope Featherington a.k.a Lady Whistledown from Bridgerton, revealed that she had a Cinderella moment at the BAFTAs as her shoe slipped off of her foot just before she walked the red carpet. 

In an interview on the red carpet, interviewer and comedian, Tom Allen, asked, “Nicola Coughlan what do you mean your shoes fell off as you got out of the car?” Nicola replied, “I was getting out of a car and my shoe literally slipped off my foot onto the ground, it’s like I planned it but I really didn’t plan it.”

Tom joked, “I mean a period drama is one thing, but fairy tales? There’s no Prince Charming here!” Nicola then joked, “You sure? Ashley Banjo is right over there!”

Tom quickly replied, “Well if there is, I’m giving him my number!”

Nicola Coughlan was attending the BAFTAs as she had been nominated for the ‘Must See Moment’ award for a scene in Bridgerton. The scene in question involved her character, Penelope, revealing to the audience that she was the local gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown. 

In the interview with Tom Allen, Nicola spoke about what viewers can expect from the second season of Bridgeton which is currently being filmed at the moment. 

Nicola revealed, “The new series, there’s lots of balls,” to which Tom replied, “What? Oh I see,” realizing that Nicola was of course referring to grand balls where their characters would dance and converse. 

“There are lots of raunchy moments, there’s lots of new people and lots of new raunchy moments,” Nicola said. “I mean I never have any, I mean I’m the wallflower I just sort of slink against the wall that’s what I do.”

Nicola also revealed that since the show's unbelievable success—which was watched in 82 million households following its release—she is now recognized on the street.

She revealed that people often shout “Lady Whistldown” or “the wee lesbian” at her on the street. The latter nickname is a reference to her other hugely successful TV show Derry Girls and she joked that she plays people with “secret identities” in both series.

Fans loved this interview with the two and many commented with their delight about the series. One fan said, “Great interview! They're both as crackers as each other!” 

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