Nadia Sawalha Reveals Menopausal Hair Loss Misery

nadia sawalha
nadia sawalha
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She's well known for being open and honest on Loose Women, but now Nadia Sawahla has been praised for sharing her emotional experiences with a common symptom of the menopause - hair loss.

The presenter and TV personality posted a searingly honest video to her social media account, admitting that her thick, curly hair actually isn't her own. She revealed that she's suffered with the loss of her locks since entering the perimenopause- the stage women go through just before the menopause.

Nadia shared the candid video from the bathroom of her home, and made the confession straight to the camera. At first, she acknowledged the fact that she's well known for her hair, saying "People ask me most about how I have such ‘gorgeous, glorious, wonderful' natural curls."

But she then admitted, "they're fake."

Of her famous brunette curls, she said, "It was my favourite thing about myself. It was my crowning glory."

Clearly emotional over the upsetting admission, she paused and apologised, saying her reaction had "taken me by surprise".

She continued to reveal, "My hair is not like that anymore, my hair really started to change after I had my kids. Bloody kids. I lost a lot like a lot of new mums do but it started to change a lot, the texture...having gone from naturally curly hair. It would go frizzy.

"But when I started going through perimenopause I think I lost a third of my hair."

(Nadia on Loose Women)

Nadia continued, displaying her hair to the watching camera and showing exactly where she's been experiencing the balding on her head. She said, "I'm losing it all over."

The Loose Women presenter said, "I feel bad even saying it, when you think of people who have been through alopecia or cancer treatment. But it doesn't make it any easier."

Nadia also spoke about the time she discussed her hair loss previously on Loose Women, back in 2016, and revealed that speaking out prompted her to head to a hair loss specialist in a bid to do something about it.

Heartbreakingly, the video then sees Nadia break down in tears, as she admits, "I actually do have the balding gene. I didn't know that women could have the balding gene."

"He showed me a picture of my hair follicles, and showed me where no hair is coming back."

Nadia finally admitted the emotional strain that her hair loss has had on her, "It sounds pathetic. But it does make me feel really sad.

"It just makes me feel old. I can't help it, it does. I know I should feel grateful that I have got any hair. And I do try to, I do say I am grateful.

"But it doesn't mean that I don't miss my hair terribly."

Nadia has been praised for her honest and difficult admission, with many responding to say that they know plenty of women who suffer from the condition too.


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She's been credited with speaking out about something that many women suffer silently with - and surely, that can only be a good thing.

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