Miriam Margolyes causes chaos on live TV with 'look at me and not that f***ing screen' comment during hilarious segment

Miriam Margolyes caused chaos on This Morning as she managed to swear multiple times on the live television broadcast

Miriam Margolyes caused chaos on This Morning as she managed to swear multiple times on the live television broadcast
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Miriam Margolyes caused chaos on September 13, as the star appeared on ITV's This Morning for a few memorable moments as she gave agony aunt advice.

On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, Miriam Margolyes appeared with Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson to chat about her recent appearance on the cover of Vogue, and to give some advice to callers on the show. The star managed to cause complete chaos as her sincere advice was interspersed with accidental swear words and some very cheeky suggestions!

Miriam spoke to Anna to begin with, a caller who asked Miriam for some advice with her husband who is more interested in watching videos on his phone than paying attention to his wife or children. "Well you could just take it [his phone] and throw it in the fire or the bin," Miriam first said.

She then added, "What you could do is when he comes home one day, be completely naked. Take off all your clothes and display yourself. Push up your breasts and show him what you’ve got and say, 'Now look at me and not that f**king screen'."

"I didn’t say it, I mouthed it," she said, proudly as she avoided saying the F-word on television. Regardless Holly added to the viewers, "Sorry anyway, just in case you could understand what that meant."

She then spoke to another caller and gave them advice about dealing with their neighbours who continued to park across her driveway. Miriam's advice to Janet was, "It’s a problem with neighbours isn’t it because I have the same. They are very nice but noisy and they know it. It’s not like I am saying something they don’t know."

"I think you need to go to them and say 'I really need to talk to you about this because my health is becoming affected and I am not happy, and that’s not fair is it.' And then if they are still like that, throw the s**t over the wall," said Miriam as she managed to swear again on live television. 

Miriam apologised for swearing and continued to give her advice that Janet should absolutely clear with her neighbours that they are upsetting her and she should reasonably expect to have full use of her driveway.

In another part of the show, Miriam spoke about her Vogue cover at the age of 82."I thought it was a hoax my agent contacted me and said that Vogue had written to them and said would I be on the cover of the gay pride issue. Well it's only because I'm an old dy*e that's why!" said Miriam

Holly then mouthed 'sorry' to the camera and Miriam added, "Is that alright to say that?' To which Holly responded, "I don't know." She then corrected herself and said sincerely that she was 'an elderly lesbian'. 

Despite the hiccups, Miriam was undeniably charming and garnered a huge amount of support from fans who loved her chaotic appearance on the show and wanted more from the star.

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