Looking for your perfect lip shade? Try this 'genius' TikTok trick, loved by beauty experts

TikTok trend for finding your perfect lip shade has been hailed as “absolute genius” and been liked over 850,000 times

Find your perfect lip shade with this tip
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When it comes to achieving the perfect lip, there’s a lot to think a-pout.

If you want to go bold and daring, there’s understanding the best red lipstick for every skin tone, in every finish for a classic, glamorous look.

Or if you want the most flattering nude lipstick, there are different ways to master that aesthetic.

A viral TikTok hack helped demonstrate how to apply lipstick perfectly, and now the social media tool is coming in useful once again. 

Some women can find it hard to find their perfect lip shade and trialling different products and brands can quickly become a costly game of trial and error.

Luckily, this TikTok trick claims to help people find their perfect lip shade every time—and it’s been hailed as absolutely genius.

TikTok user @yokenzieb shared the secret last month in a video that has since accumulated over four million views and has brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills commenting how much they “LOVE THIS.”


Shout out to all the gworls

♬ original sound - Kenzie B 🐝

How to find your perfect lip shade, according to TikTok

To find your perfect lip shade, you will need your eyebrow pencil and blush to hand.

In the video, Kenzie B explains, “Your perfect lip shade will be; eyebrow liner, your eyebrow pencil lining your lip, and then whatever you use for blush in the middle of your lip. And then a gloss."

“You're taking two natural colors together on your lips.”

Beauty fans flooded her comments with praise for the tip.

Will you try this TikTok hack for the perfect lip shade?

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One wrote, “I did this this morning and it was fantastic.”

Others were quick to heap praise on the trick, writing, “I did it and it came out soooo cuteee[sic]”, “best advice I’ve ever received tbh, it’s my new look” and another simply said “you are a genius.”

The consensus in the comments suggests that, regardless of hair color and skin tone, the trick was working.

One fan wrote, “It worked for me and I’m blonde! I was shocked. She’s telling the truth.”

Over 7000 other videos have been created using the original TikTok, as women of all ages, skin tones and hair colors showed off how the trick worked for them. 


had to try it hehe

♬ original sound - Kenzie B 🐝

WAITTT because i didn’t expect to like it😳

♬ original sound - Kenzie B 🐝
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