Line of Duty’s Jo Davidson envied by fans who want her unrealistic witness protection home

Line of Duty’s Jo Davidson was envied by the nation as she finally got her happy ending in an unbelievably nice witness protection house

Line of Duty’s Jo Davidson, Vicky McClure and Kelly MacDonald in BBC's Line of Duty
(Image credit: BBC )

Line of Duty’s Jo Davidson was envied by fans as the season six finale saw her cozied up in an unbelievably nice witness protection home as she finally got her happy ending.

From all the best Ted Hastings sayings in Line of Duty to the Line of Duty acronyms, we have all loved every minute of this series, so understandably we are all a bit heartbroken that the series has ended. However, fans can unite in appreciating one heartwarming aspect of the series finale: Jo Davidson getting her happy ending. Fans loved seeing Jo finally getting a fairy tale ending and many fans now joke that they want to move into witness protection too!

Series six concluded with Jo living in a lovely witness protection house with her new girlfriend and a golden retiriver. After seeing the series finale of season six, one fan tweeted, “Jo Davidson really selling the witness protection life #LineOfDuty.” Another fan wholeheartedly agreed and said, “f*** me witness protection looks great. #LineOfDuty.”

One fan went so far as to say, "Seriously considering a move up the property ladder into witness protection...!" Another fan shared this sentiment and announced, “Looking at my mortgage on a tiny 1 bed in London and strongly considering a move to witness protection #LineOfDuty”

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Some fans claimed that this part of the season finale was the only aspect that they actually liked after many Line of Duty fans were shocked by the twist ending. One fan said, “The only bit I genuinely loved was that Jo Davidson got to live her lesbian cottage-core dreams.”

Another fan agreed and said, “The only good thing that happened in the finale is that Jo Davidson, victim of manipulation and abuse, finally got her Happy Ending. She got to be Free.  #LineofDutyFinale #lineofduty”

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Comedian Rosie Jones even called for a spin-off focused on Jo’s new life. She said, “Patiently waiting for the wholesome Jo Davidson spinoff where she and her girlfriend walk their dog in the woods, make furniture and go shopping for Dr. Martens. #witnessprotectionlife #LineofDuty”

Fans concluded that this idyllic ending for Jo was a great resolution to the show, even if it was a bit unrealistic, and many thanked Jo actress Kelly Macdonald for portraying a positive lesbian role model on mainstream TV. 

One fan said, “Kelly Macdonald I love you so much you carried this series and Jo Davidson stole all of our hearts. thank you for playing a lesbian on a show as big as #LineOfDuty.”

Fans are still calling for Line of Duty season seven, but it is unclear whether that will happen. Well, we will be keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that it does!

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