Kristen Stewart’s accent in the new Spencer trailer impresses fans and there's already Oscar buzz

Kristen Stewart's accent has been celebrated as the American actress steps up to play Princess Diana in new project

Kristen Stewart's accent
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Kristen Stewart fans have been left astonished by the actress's surprising English accent in the brand new trailer for the upcoming biopic about Princess Diana's life, Spencer.

The Spencer movie trailer and poster have just been revealed and fans are ecstatic about this high-quality production from Neon. Although the costumes, set design, and overall visual beauty of this teaser trailer have blown fans away, there is one particular aspect of the trailer that has captured viewers' attention.

Kristen's accent in this trailer has shocked fans. The American actress who is best known for playing characters with her own American accent has shocked fans by completely nailing the delicately posh English accent that Princess Diana was known for. 

People are already speculating that based on the trailer, Kristen's performance as Princess Diana will be one of the most accurate to date, however, there is one small snag...

They may have jumped the gun just a little bit in congratulating the LA born actor for her performance. Although Kristen does feature in the clip, the actress actually only says two words during the entirety of the teaser trailer.

"They don't," the two words that Kristen Stewart utters at the very end of the teaser trailer are the very same that fans have gone completely mad for.

"Kristen Stewart saying, “they don’t” in the most perfect princess diana voice is the only thing engraved in my mind now," said one enthusiastic fan.

"Kristen Stewart says two words in that trailer and you already know she's nailed the accent," said another.

One fan even declared, "Kristen Stewart saying 'they don't' with that British accent is all I need to say: give her a damn oscar nom."

There is also already Oscar buzz for Kristen and some critics have already said that the footage released in the trailer is enough for them to know that the actress may already be in line for an award.

Film critic and entertainment writer, Scott Menzel said, "I just saw the teaser trailer for #Spencer & a 5-minute clip from the film. Based on the footage, it looks like Kristen Stewart will be getting an Oscar nomination for her performance as Diana. I’m feeling very confident that this is going to be #KristenStewart’s big moment."

Entertainment correspondent, Jason Guerrasio also said, "Just saw footage of SPENCER. Kristen Stewart is going all out for that Oscar glory. And her Princess Di accent is spot on! #CinemaCon."

Also starring in this film is Jack Farthing, the Poldark actor is playing Prince Charles and the focus of the film will be on Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship towards the end of their marriage.

The trailer states that the film Spencer is set to be released into theatres on Friday, November 5th 2021.

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