Kristen Bell reveals how she deals with PMS—'knowledge is power'

Kristen Bell has shared how she copes with PMS symptoms in a recent interview

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 21: Actress Kristen Bell attends the Build Series to discuss her product line Hello Bello at Build Studio on February 21, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)
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Kristen Bell has shared some candid thoughts on menstruation in a recent interview, revealing she has learned to monitor her mood while on her period. 

Speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast, which is hosted by her husband Dax Shepard, the Good Place star explained that "knowledge is power" when it comes to menstruation. Kristen specifically addressed the condition PMS, or pre-menstrual syndrome, which affects an estimated 75% of women. She shared how she manages its symptoms, which can often fatigue, irritability, and mood swings, by ensuring she "self-regulates" and controls anger

“I have been brought up with socialization that has told me, ‘You will feel bananas a couple of days before your period. Don’t scream at everyone, even though that is what you want to do, you can’t do that. What is happening to you is in your brain chemistry and your hormones," she said. 

Kristen also spoke of the importance of preparation for your period, to minimize stress levels and maintain a sense of control. In light of the recent public discourse about "debilitating PMS", she celebrated how our culture has progressed in its treatment. 

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 25: Actors Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell visit the SiriusXM Studios on February 25, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Kristen Bell with her husband Dax Shepard 

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Noting the commonality of painkillers like Modil and the open conversation about periods, she said, "We are actually training ourselves to know those things ahead of time." Feminine hygiene products have also greatly advanced over the past few years, with tampons and sanitary towels no longer the only option for menstruating women and girls. Interest in how to use a menstrual cup and where to buy the best period underwear is on the rise, especially as people become more conscious of their consumer decisions.

Kristen has also experimented with sustainable period products but has yet to find one that suits her. She had high hopes for the DivaCup, which is one of the most popular reusable menstrual cups on the market, only to end up in extreme discomfort. 

"I was going to remove it because it was time for a change and I went to grab it but there was something that was suctioned to the wrong part of me,’ the Veronica Mars actor said during an appearance on Busy Tonight 2018. "And you know that feeling they say when you have a vasovagal nerve that can immediately make you pass out? Well, I pulled and I passed out. I had a very weird experience with it." 

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