Knotwords is the new Wordle spin-off fans are loving and it's endorsed by Wordle creator Josh Wardle

There is a new Wordle alternative called Knotwords that fans are loving and it challenges fans to think outside of the box

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Knotwords is a brand new online word game that is a bit like Wordle and has been endorsed by Josh Wardle himself, the creator of Wordle.

While Knotwords isn't exactly an official Wordle alternative, it is clear that this new online game is perfect for players who love Wordle and are eager to play something a little more challenging.

The game has already been such a success and the creator of Worlde, Josh Wardle, took to Twitter to say, "If you like Wordle you should check out Knotwords. It is an incredibly elegant daily word game. What impresses me most is that, despite its deceptively simple appearance, it has clearly been built with a great deal of thought and care."

This message of support was clearly appreciated by the creators of this game, Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger, as Zach responded to this tweet, "Thanks so much Josh that means a lot! I love Wordle and it had a big impact on how I thought about the meta-structures around Knotwords. Thanks for helping us feel confident releasing something without ads."

But how do you play Knotwords?

Knotwords released a helpful trailer that explains how to play this game. Players must solve an anagram and work out how a complicated set of letters form to create words headed in all sorts of directions. 

By looking at the top right-hand corner of a letter box, players are able to see the letters that will feature in the word, but must figure out the order in which to place them so that they are harmonious with the surrounding letters and words in the grid.

While this may sound exhausting, the game is actually very fun and has a handy tutorial on the app which guides players through the game and explains to first-timers how they can play.

Knotwords is available to download on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam, and has already proved to be a success. If this game doesn't quite take your fancy, there are also a number of other alternatives such as HeardleQuordle, and Factle, which are just like Wordle but with a slightly different twist. 

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